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[OKI] It's Ok, Come On... - Recruitment

Clan Clan Wars Stronghold Tournament Clan recruitment OKI

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Arkay93 #1 Posted 05 November 2016 - 05:53 PM


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OKI is an International Clan that is currently looking for players that want to play Strongholds and Clan Wars.


- Willing to play Strongholds and Clan Wars most days of the week (4+).
1850+ Overall WN8
2200+ Recent WN8


-For Rerolls:

-2300+ Overall WN8

-2700+ Recent WN8


CW + SH Capable Tanks for Tier 6 (Cromwell, T37, Type 64), Tier 8 (T54 Ltwt, IS3, T32, AMX 50 100 etc) and Tier 10 (Object 140, T62A, T110E5, Bat-Chat, 50B etc)
- Also a brain may be useful as well as good knowledge in teamplay.


We are willing to make exceptions if the players recent's are exceptionally high and are very active or if you can prove you are good for the clan. We are also in particular need of an experienced Recruitment Officer and FC's.

For recruitment our ts is: cablevision.ro pswd: 2013

If you think you fit these requirements and want to join please message our recruiters:





85 members 2k average WN8 as a clan: https://wot-life.com.../OKI-500028226/


Some recent victories on skirmishes: http://imgur.com/gallery/ErrSB


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