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Palestine-Elite [PAL-E] is recruiting

Palestine multinational multilingual arabic arab arabian palestinian multi-national multi-lingual

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FinalFatalForce #1 Posted 05 November 2016 - 11:11 PM


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PALESTINE [PAL] is a World of Tanks (WOT) international clan on the European Server, is composed of tankers of various backgrounds, ages, nationalities and beliefs who are focused on family life and other responsibilities outside WOT.

Goal: To maintain a closely-knit WOT gaming community while being competitive


1. Since mankind is easy to claim ego, arrogance, pride, we encourage and promote interactions based on respect, friendliness, humility, and focused on WOT, free from any and all forms of prejudice, prejudgment and politics.

2. Attain noticable presence of yourself by any nice greeting of your choice, while providing sufficient channels of communication to attain these objectives whether in game or out of game.

3. Provide different kinds of team gaming possibilities to players depending on individual goals and targets.

4. Act as a Quick-Learner to avoid falling for the same mistake repeatedly, respect capabilities of your enemy, share critical gameplay tips with team members, and practice in order to improve as individual and teamed up players.

5. Actively participate in competitive events ranging from Strongholds to Clan Wars to events organized by WG or other third-party portals.

7. Maintain a postive representative of yourself as a human before you represent yourself as a gamer, a smart tolerant charismatic humble grown up with a friendly sense of humor before you are stubborn judgmental egomaniac vulgar dictator with irresponsible arrogance.

[PAL] community is cherished and in gratitude by clan members and clan legionaires for their real passion of standing with the Palestinians suffering from raped rights of liberation by zionist oppression and occupation, all reflected in the game.

Contact Us:
[PAL] Palestine clan page        https://eu.wargaming...s/wot/500046852
[PAL-E] Palestine clan page:        https://eu.wargaming...s/wot/500135592
[PAL]/[PAL-E] Facebook Open Group:    https://www.facebook...104178993012087
Discord Closed server (join by invite):    https://www.discordapp.com
Gamevox (active)            https://www.gamevox.com/ZQ36-7BE
Teamspeak3 Server (minimally active):    itc.mycomp.xyz:9998
Application Requirements:
-Minimum WN8:                1000
-Tanks:                    to be discussed with Commanders/Officers
-Activity Times:            2 P.M - 11 P.M (Central Europe Time)
-Language:                English/Arabic

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FANTA_ZERO #2 Posted 06 November 2016 - 08:39 AM

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I don't want to deny your occupation of this territory but you are once again in an area you can expect to be removed from.  :harp::trollface:

lotusblossom #3 Posted 06 November 2016 - 01:13 PM


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In other words, this is the wrong thread. Try the clan recruitment thread you might have more success there.

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