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[_TGD_] Tiger Ghost Division

[_TGD_] Tiger Ghost Division

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manstein555 #1 Posted 22 November 2016 - 09:40 PM


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[_TGD_] Tiger Ghost Division



Hello everyone.Were an international clan where everyone is welcome.We respect everybody and don't judge people.As were from all over the world we do have certain clan rules in place that must be adhered to.We listen to all our members

1) Conduct:

A)    Treat all clan members with respect.
B)    No racism, strong political or religious chat should be avoided as it could result in your instant exclusion from the clan.
C)    Sexist remarks could also lead to instant exclusion. 
D)    When you wear our tag, you are representing the clan and should therefore refrain from abusing other members of the game and it is               utterly unacceptable.If you have nothing positive to say in game, then say nothing.

2) Required Vehicles: 
A)    Members participating in clanwars and stronghold are required to have at least one tank of every category for the T6, T8 and T10 tanks listed below. of course we will help you grind towards them. 

Tier 6:
    Heavy tanks: Oi, Kv-85, M6, T150
    Mediums:Cromwell, Cromwell B, A43, T34-85, Rudy
    Lights: T-37, T-21, Type 64

Tier 8:
    Heavy tanks: 110, Amx 50 100, Is-3
    Lights: Amx 13 90, Ru-251, T54 lightweight, WZ132, LTTB 

Tier 10:
    Heavy Tanks: Amx 50B, E100, IS-7, T110E5, T-57 Heavy, FV215B
    Mediums: BatChat, Leopard 1, Object 140, Object 430, Stb-1, T62A
    Tank Destroyers: Object 263, T110E3, T110E4

Contacts in game are...


dark666soul(Billy)= Executive Officer 

dragonsegg(Bryan)= Executive Officer

manstein555(Irish)= Recruitment Officer  



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WhizzUK #2 Posted 27 November 2016 - 12:00 AM


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Come one Come all

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Woody26 #3 Posted 27 November 2016 - 12:07 AM


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Good luck with recruiting


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