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Things that suck at WoT

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SideShadowEy3 #1 Posted 07 December 2016 - 05:27 PM


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Okay so I made a little salty post a while ago about this game being stupidly broken, and some users (all) called me a mongoloid for believing this game is not perfect. Yeah i was a little more salty but sure I'm gonna try to cover my opinions here.


1. RNG

I just played in my T-150 today and I got damage from KV-3. This is what happened

He killed :Commander, Driver, Gunner

He destroyed: Ammo Rack, Track, Fuel Tank and set me on fire

Like seriously, what the **** is this crap?


Also I like that arty players complain on forums about RNG being inaccurate for arty and such

Well I manage to get hit by 105 leFB18B2 with 50 km/h in my Pz T 25 (And no, don't tell me I moved straight or camped, that goes out of discussion, because I'm a medium-fan and I don't support sitting still with a goddamn medium tank)


2.Artillery in general.

Seriously? You add tanks that can shoot over hills and oneshot anything if they're toptier? Also, why do they get best matchmaking values of any tank in the game ( Except Pz. B2 :) ). I understand there needs to be a "punishment" for camping and a "downside" to playing a heavy tank, but I don't think 1000 damage/shell should be the case. Maybe higher RoF, with lesser alpha and, well, keep the accuracy this way. It would punish TD's (since they have really little armor in most cases) and kind of mess with heavies (cause, you know, you track them and they need to use a repair kit to get out of a sticky situation"

Played it quite a few times, lower tier artillery to Grille. I actually enjoyed my St. Pz II, even tho most choose Pz. Sfl. IVb

Overall, artillery, quite broken.


3. Spotting system


Just played in my 59-16 today and got to a bush in that Pilsen map or whatever. Take in mind that I have 427 view range, 100% camo on commander and camo net + binos, optics. Enters a bush in hill. Waits 5 minutes, like 3 enemy tanks die. Suddenly, I spot a SU-100, that manages to look straight my way and ammo rack me. IN A BUSH. MAGIC STEALTH DEVICE? Don't worry, I wasn't showing my tank outside of the bush or firing, I have enough knowledge to be able to use it in my favor. Seems broken, then again.

Oh and most of the games I end up being shot dead by targets invisible to me for whatever reason.

Its obviously wrong to get first spotting of enemy vehicle and get no spotting damage whatsoever, because a [edited]scouter in your team with higher view range and better radio is 3 feet behind you. This has happened so much I can't even ...


4.Microtransactions over-all


I understand. Everyone needs to make money. BUT there are so many freaking noobs with these tier VIII tanks...They also get better MM than most tanks... seriously, dude... I just played my T25/2 today and got about 3000 damage in a tier VIII match. Guess why we lost? Our AMX M4 49 L , IS-6 and T-34B, all platooned , camped Hill on Mines the entire game. Ended up losing 16-8, with me having done 4 kills out of 8. You need something to limit these things, or at least stop putting these guys in my team, seriously :(




Was there any doubt? I had to bring this up. There's something really wrong going on right now. Are you telling me that the KV-2, with 1000 alpha potential per shot, gets same MM as Type T-34 with 85 alpha? Pathetic. The amount of games I've had bottom tier in my tanks is inhuman. Does it give you worse matches because you did well in a tank? I haven't gotten nothing but tier 6 in my Pz. T 25 lately. Also only bottom tier in Type T-34. Top damage in Pz T 25 is about 2000 and same for Type T-34. First match with czechoslovakian ST. vz 39 I got 9 kills and still lost. Then all I got is bottom tiers. Really this can't be a coincidence. Random is random, but not SO FREAKING OBVIOUSLY WRONG.


6. Teams


Did you often find yourself with a full-red team for you and 3 unicum platoons in enemy teams with blue and green, dark green players? I did. Just ends up with us obliterated between 15-0 and 15-4 within about 5 minutes.

I've witnessed a unicum platoon in enemy team (2 JgTig 8.8) clutch a 2v10 against my team. I wanted to shoot myself at that moment.

Also, what the hell? Lemmingtrains are still alive, with my team going island on Mines and me having to watch hill with solely my T-150, while bottomtier, should I mention. Ends up in 75% of my team dying, me included, and losing a game with 500-1000 damage dealt.


7. Cheating

I think wargaming was joking with the whole "cheaters can be banned" [edited]. I entered a Skirmish with my clan (some great players here by the way). There was this Type 64 who literally ammo racked all of my teammates at least 15 times during the battle. Including me. In the backline. He damaged my teammates' ammo racks at least 2 times per vehicle. Literally. It's getting stupid how these cheaters go away. Also, to artillery with that red dot on map after you break a tree or something... go f*** yourself... There are many more experiences here than I imagined


8. Community

Last but not least, here's a disclaimer

I'm not a good player. Not a bad one either. People scream at me for my WR. People scream at me for my WN8. When I do top damage, they just say "report this red player, he's hacking" The last post I did on this topic was proof that people can't take opinions for crap. I do, in fact, realize there are similar communities like CS:GO (which is going down-hill by the way) and League of Legends etc.

But this crapis beyond extinct. 


I hope you accept opinions and feel free to express yours as long as you don't attempt to suppress mine.

basin79 #2 Posted 07 December 2016 - 05:45 PM


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Having camo on just your commander will hardly do anything. Brush up on your spotting mechanics.

A KV2 has to pen a HE shell and roll high to get 1000 damage. It's show, big and has. 20+ second reload.

Hate arty myself.

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