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sharing a drink we call loneliness, but its better than drinking alone (Billy Joel)

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jojocheguevara #1 Posted 18 December 2016 - 10:24 AM


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Wargaming is earning hundreds of millions of dollars every year and what's about the players? I never met so many lonesome, sometimes poor guys with diverse problems as inhere who noone at all have to talk to. Why is WG not interested in that? Noone says they have to establish a psychological service, but hell, it must surely be possible to do something for community. If the majority of tankistas were women they would get millions of dollars from the EU to establish a good environment for the women. Maybe it is just because we men don't complain, we endure - only sometimes, after many battles, late at night, we say in general chat how lonesome and poor we are. But hey, we will even buy the same tank in an other color, even if we don't know what we can eat today. That's how we men work.  

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