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Champions Rumble: the Winners

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The dust and ashes are beginning to settle. Find out which team is left standing!

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GoHard_ANIALLATOR #2 Posted 19 December 2016 - 03:53 PM

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A well produced tournament. Issues however still arose. In the final the score was 5-5 and then we had a 30+ min break for a concert?? 
2 EU teams were playing yet our commentary team was not flown over and we had to watch the re streamed version of the Russian stream with our EU casters over it. This leads to a lower quality video stream.
This was the first showing of the 1st person mode in observer mode and I think this mode has great potential. However 2 main issues are still associated with it. 1 There is so much grass in sniper mode we cannot see what the players are actually aiming at. Please edit this mode to automatically disable grass in sniper mode or do it locally with the recording/casting pcs. 2 Outlines dont show up when in observer mode, this makes it almost impossible to see when the players are shooting through bushes.

I watch the streams because I want to see the games but please dont make people watch to complete quests. The amount of crying in the chat about polls and minutes made it pointless to read the chat much of the time. Please dont go back to the CODE CODE CODE CODE spam of over 1 year ago.

Congrats to tornado I will enjoy seeing how their new lineup performs in the second half of this years season and at the GF.

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