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Communication calendar alerts training strongholds

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ArtistOfSurvival #1 Posted 22 December 2016 - 10:56 PM


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     I would like to share some ideas i had in mind and to discuss about them with anyone who is willing to.

     1. I am a member of a WoT Clan. The clan members can chat with each other when they are logged in the game and there is nothing more but this. An in-game calendar would be useful for any of the members to learn about the exact time of scheduled tasks (team battles, strongholds, training etc.). Furthermore, it would be useful for all clan members to be automatically alerted about any incident in their known e-mail addresses.

     2. It is not possible to do some training on a specific map with the capability of painting or drawing some notes or symbols on this map, shown on the screen of all trainees at real time. I am talking about some kind of "MapTactic" in-game application.

     3. It would be useful if there was the opportunity for a small clan to take part only in skirmish battles (in strongholds) against other clans that decide to do the same. Just like random battles it would be interesting to play "random skirmishes" in Strongholds.



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