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Looking for a clan for Platoon/Strongholds

clan search wn8 good

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mobile24 #1 Posted 23 December 2016 - 03:03 PM


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Hi All,


I am mobile24, and here is my noobmeter profile. Briefly, I have 10k battles and ~1400 WN8 (recently 1600). I believe I play better than my stats but there are lots of games with me dying in first couple of minutes because I have no idea about some of the maps, the reason is I gave a long break and now most of the maps reworked or even new maps. Eventually, I believe I have a potential to be unleashed with some help.


I have:


T10- T110E4, Obj 261, IS-7

T9- AMX30 Prot., Bc25t AP, Obj 704, T-54 (Writing to give an idea about how close I am to new T10's)

T8- IS-3, AMX 13 90, ISU-152, AMX 50 100, Tiger II


Unfortunately I do not have any T6's except TOG II.


Note that I play this game since 2012 and although I don't have many battles, I am experienced about clans.


All I want is platoon mates with higher-slightly below WN8 compared to me, and occasionaly SH battles. Invitations welcomed.





edit: I was in an inactive clan and I left it before posting this but apperantly it didn't processed to my forum profile yet. Do not mind it anyways.

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I_Van_Zyl_I #2 Posted 23 December 2016 - 03:30 PM

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PM sent :honoring:

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