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If i made cartoons for WoT / WoWS, Do you think anyone would read it?.

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Riggerby #1 Posted 31 December 2016 - 05:53 PM

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I always loved Tank Toons and such, And i always wanted to try and do something like that myself, But, I suck at animation, So, I decided maybe i could make a cartoon with the characters being a crewman representing each of the nations, And the cartoons could just be almost banter over whats OP, Whats UP, Just the generally ridiculous, funny, And great things that happen in the games.


Since i realise most people on here like Anime (Im not the biggest fan). I decided to compromise and draw my characters in a Semi Anime Semi western style. Haha, You'll see what i mean. They basically look like Dolan characters almost.


For example, Here is the crew member i have drawn to represent Germany in the comics. (I havent given her a name yet, I was thinking maybe i make them alliteration, I.e, This lovely lady could be.. Greda the German, The British crew lady could be Betty the Britt. Idk, You get the jist. Haha

German (Finished)



Russian (Almost finished)


Obviously as i do the comics they will be doing multiple different poses, Wearing different things etc, This is just a brainstorm to try and get my question across.


I'd make it so each of the characters had their own neiche, Their own moxy if you will that makes them who they are, So it would just be like comics over not how the different nations react to whats happening ingame but quite literally different cultures too.


Quite simply, Do you think if i went through the effort of making big funny stories out of these, That anyone would care or read them? Dont get me wrong id love to make them just because, Haha, But, It would be nice if others liked them i guess. Or do you think this type of thing wont really work in this community?.


Cheers :)


(Edit - If you dont like the style of my drawing or want me to change it in some way you think will improve it i emplore you to tell me, I wont be offended, haha, :P)


Also, Ill upload the new characters as theyre complete

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1ncompetenc3 #2 Posted 01 January 2017 - 03:00 AM

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If the writing is amusing enough, sure. You don't even have to make a comic out of it if you're more about the writing. As an example, I was big into Warhammer 40k over a decade ago and at some point someone wrote a Chaos Space Marine's diary. There was no comic, just a wall of text, and people absolutely loved it because it had good, funny writing set in a universe we all loved.

What I'm saying is if your writing is good enough, it doesn't really matter which art style you use, or even if you use any art at all. Just go for it.

WoT_RU_Doing #3 Posted 20 January 2017 - 04:13 PM

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Depends how you write definitely. You do know that there are already 2 editions out for WG's sponsored comic, so you are in completion with that? (Check amazon uk). Aside from that the only criticism I'd have is...where the heck did the German girl find some eye-liner in a major conflict zone?






P.S. - I've not bought the WG comics either, but only read the previews. Sure there must be a market for this sort of thing, but it doesn't attract me personally I'm afraid.

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