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How many people have these idiots message them

idiot message ingame anoyance

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lumberjack500 #1 Posted 08 January 2017 - 04:34 PM


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 (15:07:41) You and your clan will be reported to WG as using warpack or some else cheat mods. You did couple times too much flare tanks on fire...
 (15:08:07) say goodbye to your account and hope at your clan never finds out why all their members did get permanent bans.  

(names removed for obvious reasons) 

so this guy messaged me after i set two TWO fires in one game i mean how idiotic can you get i just wanted to see your in game messages 

mainly for stress relief. i calmly replied with 


lumberjack500 (15:13:44) so you're saying we are gonna be banned because on purpose we shot at your engines to cause fires my clan mate had a high calibre gun to cause a fire your engine is weak and i put two shots into the 57 heavies engine decks
lumberjack500 (15:14:17) please go away as you obviously don't understand the game mechanics

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