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support system fails

support fail

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Killerinstinctninja #1 Posted 12 January 2017 - 12:17 PM


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When i ask for support it say at allot different topic/complain such like teamkill on purpose pushing players of clifs or edges and even for support for refund etc that you need to apply the box that you understand that the support dont take action on allot of thing etc, so why there is a support if they dont give about giving support, also i had to repeat complaining to get a player punished, when i checked wot-life.com i can see if the player keeps playing and had a ban or not for breaking rules on purpose, if they dont login with a average games play of 10 or more a day for a longer time i can see that they probely punished him for a while. Also responses from support are the same with different names under it, they copy paste to get all reports answered very fast without realy looking or taking time for it.


For me its kind of time costing progress to make good reports, and i did only ask in 9 months a few times support i think 4 times the rest is a copy paste the same because they didnt give support so i open new ticket or keep opening the same till it gets support, i also pay allot for extra stuf in this game, but when i am done with not getting support and want a refund nothing is possible, kind of unfair policy if the game dont give any support.


I hope this helps other to see how this game gives support!


When i pay money for something its good to get a bit extra support, and some compensation or solution if something goes wrong but i dont think its fair to say we dont do anything and need to click that box that you agree and understand???


I did wait a long time to get on this game forum because there will be probely players who start raging me and say bad thing, but i am so done with it i want to share how i now feel about this game.


I like the concept playing with tanks, but there need to be some kind of support, you can also say you can ask support 1 time a week to reduce requests for support, and dont close them to get rid of the support asking player without helping with the right support.

Xino9922 #2 Posted 13 January 2017 - 08:17 AM


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You know, wargaming still owns your account, right?

Why? Because you've signed a contract that states so the moment you started playing.


So what kind of support they have is actually up to them. They are only obliged to refund non-used products, in other words premium tanks that has never been played etc...

Any other support than that is wargaming free to choose between.

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