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1.8k win8 recent - 3.4k battles - 600 overall - l4 platoon clan+teaching

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Dedee007 #1 Posted 12 January 2017 - 12:36 PM


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Hi Guys


As title suggest I've have 3.4k battles and overall win8 is 600 but recent is 1.8k at roughly t8 games mainly.

Mainly looking for a clan that teaches people to get better and for platoons.


You can check my data stamps for tanks I play/improvement on noobmeter -



Also for the first 3k battles i had no idea this game had more to it than just shooting tanks and driving.

I was one of the people that said "MM was rigged" and blamed the team for failure and eventually this game tilted me so much i took a break for a long time.


I recently started watching streams of good wot players and realised this game had a hidden element of skill so have been playing again since late december. The last 300-400 games I've been playing with the intention to improve and i hope my recent shows i can become a much better player than my overall suggests


I have work most of times so i'm on at random times -

I have TS and a mic but can't guarentee i will always want to use it as i sometimes play in the evenings and dont want to disturb my family

I'm not interested in clanwars and my timetable is spontaneous so I cant commit to "being online" to meet minimum requirements but when I'm on , i play for a while.


Send me in game messages with your clan requirements/offers and I'll respond in time



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jricketts1 #2 Posted 12 January 2017 - 02:38 PM

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Hey take a look at the Wild Fire Community


I reckon you would fit in


If you wanna come and chat come on ts: ts3.wildfirecommunity.co.uk:9011

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