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[PUPPA] - In Red players we Trust!

noob arty clickers maroons camper red amx40 butraghegno chuck norris donald trump

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ResQ78 #1 Posted 13 January 2017 - 12:32 PM


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In Red Players we Trust!


Welcome guys. Sorry my bad english. I'm the Puppa's Overlord, your light in the darkness, you guide to the glory.

First of all i want to explain what "Puppa" means. Is an old latin term used to identify "those who suck", the red players or noobs like you prefer. It's the time for "reds" to demonstrate what they can do!


"The eternal war between good ( reds ) and evil ( unicums or pro players ) is about to begin. It's time for you to choose. Join to the Red Players Army and fight. Fight for the red player next to you. Fight agains the tyranny of the pro players. Show the breast to the enemy with courage an honor. This is the day of the fallen. This is the day in which the fallen will rise agin. We will shown on the global map what a not trained Red Players Army can do against Feed, Noxus, OM, Santi, Kazna, Rsop ecc And they will fall one after the other. It's time for you to choose!!!"


So, my brave soldier:

If you are a noob in your soul. If you want a Tag to be shown off with friends. If you want to learn to camp in A1 writing in chat "Guys, i'll cover the arty". If you are a clicker. If you think it is honorable to die in the first 30 seconds of the game so you can write, crying, in chat "damn noobs, you left me alone", this is your clan.

- Win8 less then 500
- E.R. less then 300
- W.R. less then 40%
- Have all the tech tree open no one finished. ( if you have a TierX tank in the garage the average damage must bee less then 800hp )
- AMX40, TVP VTU and DW2 in the garage

Mental Requirements:
- I.Q. less then 30
- players with baboon brain transplant are welcome


Attention: yellow, green, blue, disgusting purple are not welcome



with best regards for reds, your Overlord, Lord Puppa! 

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