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Revised U.S. light tank line

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CeeDee_2 #1 Posted 16 January 2017 - 11:29 AM

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Assuming the following is a correct version of how the U.S. light tank line will be changed. Note, things might in fact turn out differently.




(TL;DR: see attached pic).


What happens in cases like this with the tanks that are to be inserted into the tech tree below the tier you are currently at?


The M41 Walker Bulldog will be moved to tier 8 while the T37 will stay at tier 6. I own both. Will people like me find the T92 LT, that will be inserted at tier 7, fully researched in the tech tree? Same for the T71 CMCD which might be inserted at tier 7 between the T21 and the T71 "DA" (=current T71).


Edit: In this version of events the T37 will be nerfed. Again, it is speculation by whomever wrote that article.


Regards, C.

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tnk_x5000 #2 Posted 16 January 2017 - 10:46 PM

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Depends on what WG says. QuickyBaby has advised people to grind some 50 000+ XP in their tier 8 lights, because WG may decide to change your current tier 8 lights with the new tier 8 lights, and then make you grind the new tier 8 tanks, so you can re-research the tanks you had owned before. WG has never done that so far, but we never know what they can decide to do next.

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