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[DIRTY] Ŗëbél Śôùlś

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LividTeaInElysium #1 Posted 19 January 2017 - 07:30 PM


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Dirty Rebel Souls is currently trying to get back as a functioning, sociable clan. The clan was focused on friendly relations within the clan, and to other clans. However, due to lack of leadership, the clan turned inactive. We wish to have the same, good focus, which let players relax and enjoy the game, while still being able to play competitively on the map and in strongholds.

                I cannot stress how important it is that you realize that at the moment we cannot offer anything but a chance to rebuild a gaming society, there are no good Field Commanders currently, and we don’t have the active members to have regular Stronghold battles. Naturally, there are Officer positions that need to be filled, if you feel up for it. I can, from personal experience say that this is an environment which I looked forward to logging onto, when I can back from my daily duties.

                This time we are aiming for a clan structure that will not implode on itself when a single person gets tired of the game. In the beginning we need to recruit as many people as possible, just to get the ball rolling, we actively encourage platoons, and engaging with each other on our TS3 server. We still have members from all over Europe (and one American) most of us have found people we like to engage with from our own country. You are perfectly allowed to use your own language, as long as everyone in the room understand.

Only requirements are:

  • That you have at least one, non-premium, tier 8.
  • Willing to use TeamSpeak3, not required to talk, but as the clan is focused on the social aspect, it is a waste if you don’t interact. 
  • That you speak functional English, don’t need to have it as a first, or even second language, as long as you can use it so there is communication.
  • And that you’re 16+, some members find this age limit a bit low, but if you don’t fit in, you’re bound to leave anyway.
  • Must be able to take banter, and “grown up” humour.


I hope to see you, contact me if you’re interested, either with a PM in game, by logging on our TS3 ( or leaving an answer here.  However, I am not available at all times however.

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