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Team ramming instead of TK:ing

Ram Ramming Ruining Shot Ruining shot Team ramming team abusive abusing wtf

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jupsu #1 Posted 21 January 2017 - 01:05 PM


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So, Whats with all the team ramming lately? why is that you have either to push your ally out of his bush, push your ally into enemy fire, push your ally to his/her death (from a cliff or into water) or just simply ram them??? I mean I do understand that lot of unintended ramming does happen as everyone does mistakes, but the very intentional ruining of ones game?

Also, just to notify, when your ally moves you, your camouflage and binoculars reset, not to talk of what it does if you just spent last 20 seconds to adjust your already terrible aim and were taking your shot.

Just please, stop pushing your team around unless they ask for it or do indeed need it (for example in climbing hills faster)


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