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[M3TRO] Looking for CW, SH, Platoon & Team Players

M3TRO Clan War Stronghold Team Player Tier 8 Tier 10 Pakistan

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BAIG #1 Posted 23 January 2017 - 09:47 AM


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[M3TRO] METRO Clan We Believe Clans are not good. It's the Players Who make and spoil the Clans. We are not Looking for Extraordinary Players who just care about their Ratings & Personal Games. But we will be looking for Good People who are ready to follow the Rules what we give them. We Promise we will bring Best out of them....

Min 16 years of age
Desire to play as part of a group
5k+ games played with a winrate of >49% (or >51% recent)
Aspired minimum ratings: PR – 5500, WN8 – 1200 (1700 recent)

2 or more of the following tanks at T10: T110E5 , IS 7, E100, Fv215b, Amx 50B, T57 Heavy, Obj 140, Bct 25, T110E3, Obj140, Kranvagn (+ Skilled crew with Common Sense)

2 or more of the following tanks at T8: IS-3, IS-6, IS-3/A, T32, T54 ltwt, AMX 13 90, RU251, Emil l, Rheinmetall Skorpion G, T49 (+ Skilled crew with Common Sense)
1 or more of the following tanks at T6: Cromwell/B, Skoda T-25, Type 64, T37, Fast Moving Tank (+ Skilled crew with Common Sense)
Active participation in clan events
Ability to communicate in English
Mandatory registration and usage of clan forum and Teamspeak


Decision on invite/Acceptance will be based on the overall picture and the potential for Player Accessed in his interview



To ensure M3TRO remains Rising clan when it comes to sheer skill, we changed our testing procedure. Upon entering M3TRO you're gameplay in competitive games (CW, SH etc) will be monitored by officers and senior members. Your random stats get you into the clan, your skill and teamplay keep you in the clan. Why do we do this? Stats can be padded (redline sniping, pure gold setups etc) so even a thorough look at your service record won't tell the whole story. So what will we check during your testing period?


Following FC orders

Throwing HP away for no reason

Managing HP (push when full, support when low)


Reading battles and anticipating FC orders 


Map knowledge

General gameplay


T6 and T8 Skirmish Nights (Daily Start Time 8:00 PM +3:00 GMT)

Clan Wars Tier 8 (Daily Start Time 8:00 PM +3:00 GMT)

Clan War Stronghold Attack (Daily Start Time 8:00 PM + 3:00 GMT)
Team Battles (Daily Start Time 8:00 PM + 3:00 GMT)

Regular Gold on Strongholds
Established community with active Teamspeak server
Platoons with other capable and battle tested members
Regular stronghold reserve bonuses and missions for all players



Option 1: Message Commanders or Any recruitment Officer in-game for more information.

Option 2: Join our forum at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WOT.PAK/ or https://www.facebook.com/METROTHECLAN/

Option 3: Join our Team Speak server & Wait for Admin in Room "Want to join clan"

Server: (No Password)

Clan TS Badge

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BAIG #2 Posted 01 February 2017 - 09:30 AM


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