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searching for platoon mates

platoon platoons solo solo player increase WR

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MARK_I #1 Posted 06 February 2017 - 03:17 PM


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Hi, I'm Italian and I'm an old player of Wot on and off since beta. Probably in 99% of my >13k games + the beta games I was playing solo... I left wot for more than 1 year, maybe even 2, and I started again one week ago.


I'm searching for platoons, only OP tanks and/or premium mm (+1) tanks. No random stuff plz! When you contact me tell me what tanks you have for platoons.


I don't have time for nor I want to be part of a "community", I just want many platoon mates to be able to enjoy this game much more. I don't really care about WN8 etc, I don't even use mods, but I would like to be in a platoon with better-than-average people.


If you want me to join a clan that may be ok, but I'm very clear, I accept only if you don't pretend to decide about my own time and only if you have enough people for the kinds of platoons I want. I'm a lonewolf and I want platoons only because more useful and fun with the way WOT became (the old maps were good to be played solo, not so anymore). I will not accept to join or I will leave the clan if my conditions are not satisfied.


My reasons for searching a platoon are simple, winning more SO enjoying the game more, with some more probabilities to carry even hopeless teams. I'm not the greatest player, my WR was between 54% and 55% I think, but I got it playing by myself, now it's probably less, I still didn't even understand all the changes in the maps and the way to play them which is quite different from how I remembered it and I think it's less good for solo players now (anyway I loved the first versions of the old maps WAY MORE and then less and less at every change, with the only exception of swamp which was awful and now it's just bad).


What I would like to use in a platoon:


obj 140

E25 (t7 premium mm)


Type 59 (t8 premium mm)

kv 220 (t5 premium mm)

T 29

T 67

t 54 prot

Cromwell B

Rhm borsig

Skorpion G


I have, but less good:


is 7 (still remembering the times in beta when is 7 & t 54 dominated the battlefields... unfortunately I got both only AFTER ;_; )

is 4

is 6 (not so good anymore 'cause of the power creep & gold, even if with premium mm)

I sold obj 268 and kept the isu that I had before (better tier for tier in my opinion!), my top tds on the russian line now are as I said the isu 152 (which I can play solo no-problem) and the 122-54 which instead is a pain in the ***, I play it only to reach the obj263 and sure I would be gladly play 122-54 in a tier9 platoon... to be carried by you. ;)


I'm grinding for batchat and for the t110E5, but I can do that by myself, of course I will play them in platoons after I got them. I want platoons especially to relax and win much more.

I'm considering going for the Swedish heavy line and for the future new tier 8 or 9 German heavy, not interested in platoons for that grinding at the moment, beside I will probably use free exp.


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