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Swedish Heavy Tanks Swedish HT

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BP_OMowe #1 Posted 12 February 2017 - 09:27 PM


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Since the threads in the Medium tank subsection regarding the Swedish heavy tanks seems to have been moved into limbo, I'll just report what I've found this far.


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Kranvagn looks amazing indeed, yea. Im however grinding EMIL II atm and i wouldnt say that its that "OP". Its still great tank, but it has severe flaws:


- gun is simply trash. It can be good when it functions, but when it more often doesnt. Gun handling sucks, shell velocity is nothing APCR like, shells also flies in undirect trajectory so leading can be annoying, accuracy is bad, and reload is extremely long on both intra-clip and magazine reload. So you have terrible DPM which is hampered even more. As another note typically tanks with this low DPM has either otherwise quite reliable guns or something like titanic alpha and/or pen. EMIL has none of them.


- its not rly fast either. It can move, but it goes regularly around ~35 on flat ground. Its engine is so weak that when you go down himmelsdorf hill and drive straight line on flat its speed will drop to as low as 40kph. Also it accelerates slowly.


- same gun elevation as pre-buff 50 120 really hampers it


- hull armor is trash and quite useless. Atleast it can sidescrape somehow though so it has some option to come out from corner, unlike EMIL I.


3 first ones are however somewhat fixed on Kranvagn so yeah. I wont say anything yet before i get my hands on it.



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