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Your top 5 Easter eggs and Glitches in WoT

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HeroThePilot #1 Posted 16 February 2017 - 05:17 PM


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hi guys. this is another topic i Made. Feel free to Add your own list. This time its about Easter eggs or Glitches. IT can be Patched or not. 


the Overlord glitch

even tho i was never the Fan of this glitch IT still wirks rarely and if done correctly IT will possibly work. Use a Cromwell or something and try it.


Any wall glitch

I loved these glitches. Esspecially the ones in Himmelsdorf. One was able to GET in using any fast and small LT( ELC,1C and Chaffe Were best for it) and second was on railways. ALL you Had to do was RAM into the proper part of the building 



Remember Severogorsk? That was one of the few maps that Many people disliked. I myself really liked it, i thing i Had if not best Luchs battle on that map. But that map Had a Sturmtiger in it. In one of the Garages one is almost closed but just enough space to see the Sturmtiger.

2-Flying tank glitches

For me, worked best on Stalingrad and Widepark

1-The Alien Like skeleton on Komarin

When i first saw that thing in my T2 Light, i got freaked out. The fact that it was really small and Had oversized skull for small body, wasnt normal. Also IT Had a belt and somekind of detonator 

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