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Looking for a clan.

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Battle_Scars666 #1 Posted 20 February 2017 - 04:38 PM


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New player looking for a new clan, the probably UK based more than anything, but I dont mind tbh.


I have TS but sometimes mic is a little screwed but:( my headphones are ok to hear orders !! :izmena:


Just played over 1k games, rating is around 2500, but random battles seem to be holding me back now. Im doing some light lines/ medium and a heavy. Looking to learn and can understand tactics and orders.


Its probably better to just message me in game as I dont really use these forums, and it took me about 30 minutes to find this forum/thread lol :rolleyes:




*edit - havent been around much, but have more time on my hands so Im looking to get back into this game. 



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Grannymooose #2 Posted 20 February 2017 - 04:48 PM


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Message sent :)

prenderb #3 Posted 20 February 2017 - 09:56 PM


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We sent one too! :P

A_GIO_Rob #4 Posted 20 February 2017 - 11:36 PM


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                                                                                    Bulldogs  ​                                                                           



                 The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go"   


Welcome. We are the Bulldogs!


The bulldogs clan was founded all the back in May 2011. We are a friendly, welcoming clan looking for members to add to our ranks! Our primary focus is having fun, and give our opponents a good battle along the way! If you like to come online, have a good laugh with a great bunch of people of all backgrounds, and get some decent games under your belt then this is the clan for you! We give our members free rein when it comes to gaming, so it means if your not tanking, your welcome to play something else and use our TS channels to communicate! 

We have our own facebook page, so you will be more than welcome to have a nose round and get to know our clan members in and out of tanks!


As said, we just want to simply have fun, not to say we dont like to be competitive, within our ranks we have some very good players! WN8 along with stats IS NOT a requirement to join, so please look below to see our minimum requirements in order to become a Bulldog!


*Update* - We have been back active now for a very short time, and have already recruited many new additions to the Bulldog family, as we have so many new members, and so many of the old Bulldogs back, we are starting to practice in team battles, so look out for us, or join



Also Bulldogs is a Gaming Community

So Welcome To Play Other Games


​          (WOT)                            (WOT)                                 (WOW)                                       (A/W)

​       MEMBERS  90           MEMBERS  12+                  MEMBERS  25+                    MEMBERS  30+                                        




password bull





 - Own and have use of at least ​1 tier 10

- Bulldogs is a ​18+ clan, as we like to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves!

 - Have the use of TEAMSPEAK, ​must be on ts if playing from ​7pm uk  ​time​ been on team speak ​is a mandatory requrment There will always be an officer online if required.

 - We

ask our members, to get on at least once a week, why wouldn't you want to!?


To APPLY for the Bulldogs please either post on this forum as it is checked often, or feel free to message one of our Admins:


-A_GIO_Rob - Commander - The original Bulldog

 Fubar850jd - Deputy Commander.  Sandra1966 - Deputy Commander. Tanamara Deputy Commander

 Gamesmash25 - Recruitment Officer.


Thanks for stopping by, a remember have a laugh and have fun, because that is what the BULLDOG  COMMUNITY IS ALL ABOUT

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