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Akademie Reborn Battalion Recruits

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Xxx_CANI_THE_SPARTAN_xxX #1 Posted 22 February 2017 - 04:46 PM


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Clan Akademie Reborn Battalion Recruits active players.
Terms: WN8 / 1100+
Battles / 5000+
We are International clan and we Speak a lot of Languages.[ENG,SRB,CRO,CZECH]
The morst Important Languages in Clan is English.
Tanks: (One of This tenks) X Tier : T110E5,E100,T57 Heavy,IS-7,IS-4
Tanks: (One of This tenks) VIII Tier : AMX 50 100,T32,IS-3, AMX 13 90 , RU 251 , T54 LTWT ,Emil 1
Tanks: (One of This tenks) VI Tier : Cromwell,Cromwell B, T-150,KV-2, O-I 
We are playing Clan Wars from 20:00 untill we don't lose , 
We holding one Land Province for Now , So we need u to make us Stronger :D If u are Interested u can Contact me In the game my name is Cani1
Guys this clan is Excellent for all of u :D 
So join Us , Come  fight  alongside reliable players

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