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What's going on ?

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Hristev1912 #1 Posted 18 March 2017 - 12:43 AM


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What is going on since the start of the T25 Pilot missions ? The servers are lagging and delaying ingame aswell . Can't this be fixed ? Today I was playing with my IS-3 and couldn't penetrate Tiger 1 from the side , twice ... He was in front of me ... It's kind of annoying .. I failed the mission today because of this lag .. It feels like the game is rigged in a way :( . I know I'm like a pleb with my max tier 8 and 2k games , but I try my best and it sucks to make 1990 damage and then don't hit the tank in front of you .. I know you are awesome at your job Wargaming but next time if possible please make sure the servers are ok and try to make it in a way that lower tier guys can do it aswell :( . :):izmena: :bajan:

1ncompetenc3 #2 Posted 18 March 2017 - 03:37 AM

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The mission is an easy (thus far) way to get a free tier VIII premium tank. Such events tend to draw people out of the woodwork so there's more players online than usual, which means a heavier server load which WG probably realised would happen but was unable to give enough of a crap about to do something about it, as that would affect their bottom line.

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