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[CHTUL] New Clan looking for new members to join, Give us a try!

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fuzzyturtle #1 Posted 19 March 2017 - 12:22 AM


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Currently we don't look like much and that's why we need you! 

An active clan that participates in strongholds and clan wars whenever we can.


Requirements aren't steep and almost anyone can join 

We don't mind much for Wn8 Stats However we do ask to have atleast a 48.5% victory rate (Plus minus a few)

and some tanks for strongholds 


We aim to be one of the top clans and with your help we've no doubt we'll make it 

for more information or details regarding recruitment please feel free to contact fuzzyturtle 


If you are interested in statistics of the FC and other clan mates see below

FC - https://en.wot-life....er/fuzzyturtle/

Clan - https://en.wot-life....HTUL-500141695/


(also looking for good capable FC's)

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