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Looking for a clan to platoon with (casual)

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Wateyuk #1 Posted 20 March 2017 - 11:43 PM


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hey guys im an average/above average player, tactically minded and sometimes suicidal if it benefits the team.

i have played mostly on my own as i cant play the game as much as i want to with life, work and family etc..

just looking for a good bunch of guys who will platoon and destroy the enemy team with... i dont own a tier 10, i have a couple of tiers 8s etc... and the only tier 9 i can have (E75) i cant afford :P


i can play a few times a week, mostly at nighttime after i put son to bed so i dont want to be part of a clan who holds serious clan war stuff etc... i don't work around a schedule for this game as its purely for fun



Goldun #2 Posted 21 March 2017 - 03:04 AM

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PM sent

Joggaman #3 Posted 21 March 2017 - 07:25 AM

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Jigzy84 #4 Posted 21 March 2017 - 12:11 PM

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H5VOC - The Clan Wars side of the Havoc Community are now recruiting team inspired players for Clan Wars, Strongholds and Team Battles.


I've sent you a personal message but I also wanted to comment on your thread to invite you to consider Joining us, we are the specific Competitive Clan of the Havoc X community formed by Sir Havoc with the aim of bringing a friendly fun environment, mixed with competitive game.


We, as a clan, are focused primarily on the team play aspect of the game including Platoons, Team Battles, Clan Wars and Strongholds. Our aim is to learn by actively taking part.  What we can offer you is an awesome community with a lot of laughs, in a dedicated chilled out TS environment, we will help you to complete missions, grind tanks, and improve you in your game play by offering you with all the training you want and need.  We are now participating in FaceIT battles on a daily basis which you can earn serious rewards from.

There are the 10 minimum requirements that we ask for before you join the H5VOC clan



1 - Enjoy playing World of tanks

2 - Be English speaking with a good sense of humour
3 - 16 years old or over
4 - 4k+ Battles
5 - 1000 recent wn8 or higher
6 - At least 1 acceptable T8 Clan Wars tank i.e. IS3
7 - Earn 50 SH boxes a week and be available for at least 1 clan war a week
8 - Be on Teamspeak when in WOT
9 - Have a willingness to share knowledge, improve and work as a team player
10 - Actively participate in team games.


If you want to be part of this amazing community, spearheaded by game streamer Sir Havoc, then apply to H5VOC and one of our officers will contact you. Alternatively, come to our Teamspeak Channel ts3.havocxgaming.com and one of our team will help you.  

fuzzyturtle #5 Posted 22 March 2017 - 07:30 PM


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Hello, we are looking for new players to join our community, we don't have strict time schedules but we do ask you participate if you are available 

Commander stats - https://en.wot-life....er/fuzzyturtle/

Clan Stats - https://en.wot-life....HTUL-500141695/

OTA_Commander #6 Posted 22 March 2017 - 07:56 PM


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Only Tanks Allowed eXtreme,

What we expect from you:
Have a tier 6!
Use teamspeak 3!
Wanting to play Strongholds!





For the Rerollers!
Minimal tier 6 tank or grinding to it.
4000+ Personal Rating (PR).
1500+ Wn8.

Minimal tier 8 tank or grinding to it.
4000+ Personal Rating (PR).
1000+ Wn8.

What we will give you.
Skirmishes Every day (Tier 6)
Boosters if vote every week! used on Saturday and monday.

Do you forfill the requirments?
Contact one of our recruitment officers:
NL_010, OTA_Commander, Gowtham_Krishna

Clan: https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500144727/

Looking for Field Commanders, Recruiters

TeamSpeak 3: OnlyTanksAllowed.ddns.net

Helmutson #7 Posted 22 March 2017 - 08:19 PM


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...sounds like us !








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