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General patch test 9.18

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POCTOB__ #1 Posted 09 April 2017 - 10:18 AM


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It sometimes seems to me that developers are using all manner of mocking players. And now they have disconnected a platoon for artillery. Excuse me, why did you need to do this? After all, it is not equality. After all, for the other classes of technology, nothing like this was done. You will certainly forgive me, but I am deeply uncomfortable with the fact that I can no longer play with a platoon in artillery. Dear developers, if this function is released to the main server, then I and many other people who play only on artillery, will leave the game. Not only that, you just killed an artillery class, so you also decided to turn off the platoon for it. So, my opinion, either you return the platoon, or you return to people all the experience and credits that they spent on researching the branches of the ACS. We live in a free country, and infringement of rights, this is not good. The developers, I pray you, return everything as it was. It is not necessary to do not deliberate actions.

Kupsztas #2 Posted 09 April 2017 - 10:39 AM


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we do not need any kind of "equality" in game, we need balance and good gameplay. and that part about living in a free country gave me a good laugh, what does it have in common with a freaking MMO game? and you forgot that EU server contains players from many countries, so your country laws do not apply to all players.

and believe me, not many people will "leave the game" because they can't platoon with other artilleries. those platoons were cancer to the game, get over it.


but yeah, I think artillery itself isn't going good way.

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