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my game freezez for a few seconds

freeze problem running lag

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MyLittlePony_yolo #1 Posted 11 April 2017 - 12:56 AM


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Hello i have a slight problem with my game. every few games my screen will just freeze for maybe five seconds. the audio and all my control inputs will be carried out it is just that I can't see what is happening. for example I can when this happens pull back in to cover if i know there is cover behind me or if i have locked on to someone i can shoot him/her and when the game unfreezes I can see that this has happened but it is still a big problem since most of the time when this happen i die. when I've searched the forum i could only find the game freezing for fractions of a second or 0,5-1 minute for other people and i was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same problem as me or if someone knows how to fix it? i run windows 10 on a hp probook 430 g3. i have very low graphic settings so i don't experience any lag otherways or low framerate so i find this problem a bit peculiar.

Pansenmann #2 Posted 11 April 2017 - 01:23 PM

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is it possible that your HDD is spinning down to reduce power consumption and

then when it's suddenly needed your PC needs to wait for it to respond?


(I have had similar issue, while using SSD I did a subst of replay folder to old HDD and when game wants to save replay it would hang for a second

to wait for HDD to power up again)


Other issues might be swap file activity, windows indexing (search service) and antivirus (exclude WoT folder and %appdata%/wargaming.net from scanning)

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