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Active Young Player is looking for a CW/Campain oriented Clan

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DerSuchter123 #1 Posted 19 April 2017 - 08:45 PM


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First I want to say: I'm German but want to try out my Options in Englisch Speaking Clans.

Now A bit More game Related:

I'm 17 years old but made a lot of expirience with other Guys and know how to behave with others.

Currently I have of all tiers at least one Tank. On Higher Tiers it's obviously more.

As I mentioned I have a lot of Time because I don't need to work right now, so it should be good for You.

I don't have that much CW expierience but I will learn it fast if you take me with on your Trip to the Top.


The Clan I'm Searching for should have atleast 50+ Members so I can feel a bit better that it will not be over soon.

For Communication I prefer Teamspeak but can take other Programms if you have one :)


Last Here are Links to my Current stats: https://de.wot-life..../DerSuchter123/



If I am the one you are looking for please contact me Ingame. (Forum is not my personal Favorite)


Greetings DerSuchter123

BAIG #2 Posted 20 April 2017 - 07:19 AM


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Hello Mate,


We are International clan. You are Welcome to join us. as i can see u are already in a Clan. But if you want to join us you are welcome.

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