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What premium vehicle should I buy?

premium vehicle premium money tank Löwe T-34-3 T-54 first prototype premium tank farming credit making

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DozerMan #1 Posted 27 April 2017 - 11:31 PM


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I would like to buy a premium tank, my first premium tank, because I have 6 year old account now and I have -30% off, and I really need credits, so I would like to buy a Tier 8 Premum Tank for farming, for making credits. Which tank do you suggest? Which tank is a good premium tank, which I do not regret later if I buy it?

I thought for Löwe or T-34-3 or T-54 first prototype. Obj. 252U Defender or AMX M4 49 Liberte would be the best but those are not in sale. So I have to chose from these I guess... But you can suggest any other tank what is tier 8 and it's on sale right now.


Thank's for your responses and your help!

Dropman12 #2 Posted 28 April 2017 - 06:39 AM

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Well with new MM change I (for first time) do not suggest tank with prem MM. Right now it looks like even tank with regular MM will be not frustrating in long term. So no for T-34-3.

T-54 prot looks fine, but it has big flaw - it can dominate lower tiers, but have hard times against peers and higher tiers. Not saying its bad, but its not that fun for tank you want to play a lot.


So from tanks you mentioned its Lowe - it was sad tank, but got significant buff. And it was always known as very solid credit maker. Mainly it has good firepower to do damage and good surviability, if you know little about angling. I'd go for it.


Otherwise it depends - we have so many options in these days...M4A1 rev. is great credit earner. Patriot and Defender are very strong tanks. Lorr is also very good but very hard to master. General  goal is to play that tank a lot. ANY T8 prem will gain you credits, so chose what tank will you probably enjoy most. Having defender in garage while not liking its playstyle is waste of money...

SteelAvalanche3 #3 Posted 28 April 2017 - 10:03 AM


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I would suggest you either the Loewe or the IS-6, because you have the E-100 and IS-7 so u can use your T8 prem to boost one vehicles crew and u know the playstyle of such tanks.

Dont know if u ever would buy a IS-6, which most people think is powercreeped to death, but i do fine in mine and its a very forgiving tank with an idiotprove armourlayout. Only the gun is... yeah... mehh is the best "word" to describe it. You could compare it (more or less) with an IS-3 with SMM and 122mm D25T.

The Löwe is a different story. By far better armour than the Tiger II (turret, LFP and sidearmour), slightly better gundepression and acceleration. Only in terms of the gun the Tiger is superior, althought pen is better on the Löwe. Nice bonus is the 400m viewrange.


T54 Prot. suffers a lot in T9 and T10 with low amount of ammo, therefore  cant carry much APCR what u definitely need in such games, on the other hand armour doesnt work very well against T9 and T10s.

T34-3 is very hard to drive with the potatogun and lowish pen. Do get SMM and i like mine, but most people going crazy and mad when driving this maschine. Simply not the tank u are looking for.


In the end i think the Löwe is worth a look, just because it doesnt have serious drawbacks since the buff and it shines with high pen, excellent gundepression, super hard turret and good frontal protection, which allows the 90 ton behemoth to do well in most engagments.





Suurpolskija #4 Posted 28 April 2017 - 09:53 PM


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Seeing that you've spent most of your time playing Russian and German heavies, the no-brainers for you are IS-6 or Löwe / VK45.03 (my personal favorite).


Trains your crews and yields a ton of credits. You can also fit your already trained crews in them to make them perform even better and get that lovely extra crew exp.


If you don't care for the crew training aspect of premium tanks, from what I hear, the best premiums for pure credit potential are T34 and M4 Revalorise. I got Rev and it's very nice tank, though a bit tricky to make it work.

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