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Match Making idea - hopefully a theoretical improvement.

Match Making

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NapaImPriest #1 Posted 28 April 2017 - 09:35 PM


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This is basically a response of mine on Reddit. Please, understand it's just an idea, it may be modified by 90% if not ignored completely. 


I've read about 40% of the entire topic and I can reach to a single simple conclusion: I acknowledge there are people with health problems of any kind that may lead to their detriment in terms of win rate, but that is a very very **very** small % of the bellow 47% WR player mass. So many other games (and WOT to some extent) use skill cap based MM but there may be not enough. **My point** is to simply have a separate MM pool designed for people with bellow X% (for example bellow 47%) which will let them play together in their merry way. **Before you throw your rotten tomatoes** this will solve a few other problems:

1. A new player will have a low win rate, agree, but a good % of that is because that player has to be facing good old players, seal clubbing or simply grinding a low tier line. If nobody above 47% can compete against a good player, the birth environment will be a lot easier, possible more soft and pleasant.
2. Either new players, or bad players, or even players that used bot (but not for a lot of battles because you know how hard it is to raise your WR by 1%, nevermind by 10-20% even after only a couple of thousands of battles) will have a friendlier, elitist free environment to slowly understand, learn and advance in terms of the game knowledge. Every time a player feels bad among 47% and above, if he does not know enough to increase his WR and falls under 47%, then he simply returns to his birthplace where he can practice more against players of his level until he can try to climb again.
3. The elitist community will cry so so much because the 100 to 300 WN8 “players” will be replaced with above 47%WR players which actually fight back. The truly good players will rejoice this decision because a true smart player will worry about the bad “players” in his team rather than the ones in the opposite team, therefore, you good guys out there will be so happy to see that your team mates will be decent to good (to some extent, it’s still WOT we’re talking about, let’s not forget).

**Extension Point 1** One of the side effects from creating 2 MM pools would be that the upper WR pool will slightly (but I mean slightly / see the extension of point 3) decrease in WR because so many pointless “players” will be missing. Also the MM of the lower WR pool will slightly increase because let’s take **“Steve the IS7 driver”**: he’s got 42% WR, he’s trolling and he’s talking(cursing) most of the match, he will compete against other Steves and bots and afk-ers. This means his WR will increase maybe to 45% over time but if he does not do anything active to increase his WR he will not make it in the upper pool, no matter what. In the same time “Mark the XxXPussySlayerXxX” despite his name, he does some effort to increase his skill cap, enough to push him above that 47% and let him have a taste of the upper pool. He may fall back any time for further development but he may also continue to improve and enjoy the game.

**Extension Point 2** Before everyone start ranting that it is not productive and you cannot increase your WR among exclusively players under 47%, think quickly how easy can you do that against players with 50%+ vs how easy you can outplay (if you have any sense progress whatsoever) a team under 47%. Yes, some matches will stink but hey, at the moment, some matches (or most matches as per so many people) stick for everyone anyway. 

**Extension Point 3** Indeed, some players will slightly have their stats affected but let’s not forget that players will keep pushing up and down from the lower pool. Not so good players will still be around, just not full time bots, trolls, talkative (whining kids), team killers, etc etc etc. Easier kills are still possible but your team and opponent team quality will definitely improve. Players that just came out of lower pool will **strive** (mostly) to stay in the upper pool and team play will be so much more common and pleasant.

**Final Note** Ofc there will be players contesting, no matter what you do, you can’t please everybody, some disagree just for the sake of disagreement, some just troll, some just strive for a second of attention, but if anything will improve the quality and delimitation of the player experience, the reputation and eventually the revenue of the game will increase. Ofc there will be flaws or workarounds even to this methods but that’s up to the WG employees to find, I am paid for another job. I think stats like win rate are not a branding tool, nothing permanent and most important but they can help determine a couple of things and if used right + not abused, they can help increasing the player experience, game reputation and revenue. English is not my 1st language, if there are grammar/spelling mistakes, use the rotten tomatoes you saved from Point 1,2,3.

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