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What the hell is wrong with tier VI / How am I dragging my team down so badly?

Matchmaker balance win-rate loss percent hellish

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OSBTrebek #1 Posted 05 May 2017 - 11:22 PM


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Hi there,


First post on the forums, motivated by what I hope is just a run of extremely bad luck.  I'm still very much learning how to play the game, though I have ground out most soviet vehicles up through Tier V to learn how each type of vehicle handles (e.g. artillery might seem like nonsense, but having played as artillery gave me a new respect for people who do it well).  


I've decided to stick with heavy tanks and to grind out the IS line of soviet tanks since I have found I usually do pretty well in them (my overall win rate is just over 50%  while my tier V heavies (KV1 and KV1-S) both have 60% win rates after 120+ games). My newly purchased KV-85 however has a 20% win rate after 20 games.


What in the holy hell is going wrong here?  I'm entirely at peace with getting one shot against tier VIII vehicles if I do something stupid in the match, but even trying to play smart I seem to somehow be sabotaging every single team I get placed in.  Is this just a run of *spectacular* bad luck, or is there something fundamentally different about the matchmaker between tiers V and VI?  Alternately, am I sabotaging my whole team by showing up, because that's what this feels like.


Thanks in advance for your input.

Zeebad #2 Posted 06 May 2017 - 02:24 AM


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20 games is, in the grand scheme of things, a tiny statistical sample. Given the stats on your others, it'll sort itself out.

250swb #3 Posted 07 May 2017 - 04:40 AM

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New player protection is removed after 2500 battles or you buying your first tier VI tank, whichever comes first. It doesn't mean you never got to meet more experienced players before, but depending on the number of players online you would be matched with similar newbies if possible. 


So so now you are playing more experienced players in a new tank, what do you do? The first thing is to make sure you are training good crews for your tanks and getting the best equipment for them. Many tanks are transformed when fully researched and the crew has one or two skills. Watch some streamers such as Quickybaby, who is more educational than most, to learn tactics and understand tank profiles, and watch YouTube guides on your tanks to see how others do well in them. You will start to do much better, the first hurdle many players fail to negotiate is to notice they need to do better, and you've sorted that.

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CmdPrompt #4 Posted 07 May 2017 - 07:35 AM


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Luck of the draw, my Ru and ltwt have 45 and 47% respectively, but my t49 (which i consider inferior) is at 53%. Sometimes the synergy with the tank just isn't there, sometimes it is. Back when i was a noob (sub 2k battles) i enjoyed grinding the m3 lee and have 63% even though most people consider it garbage.

forkboy1 #5 Posted 07 May 2017 - 08:40 AM


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I had similar experiences as the OP, and my conclusion was that the experience level of the players is especially the difference. It really becomes harder each tier, and you need to understand more of the game to gain the same win rate.

Also every new tank needs to some time to grind, and crew get back to 100%. Even after that it takes me some time to get used to the play style. Some times you think that tanks are really alike, but even subtle differences count.


Continue playing the tank, analyse your games, and it will get better.

Suurpolskija #6 Posted 08 May 2017 - 11:39 PM


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20 games is pretty much nothing to worry about. It'll even itself out if you really can hit good games consistently. I did horrible in KV-85 back in the day because I couldn't get around the poor depression. You'll be happy to hear, it's all smooth ride after that.


Also, imo KV-85 is in a tough company as a tier6 heavy most of which are pretty awesome tanks. KV-85 is ok but not awesome.

StinkyStonky #7 Posted 09 May 2017 - 10:22 AM


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View PostOSBTrebek, on 05 May 2017 - 10:22 PM, said:

My newly purchased KV-85 however has a 20% win rate after 20 games.

4 wins and 16 losses is pretty disheartening and although 10-13 losses might be expected, the rest probably do have a reason.

Here are my suggestions :-


1) Did you buy a new 75% crew or did you retrain the 100% crew (to 90%) from your KV1s ?  Always promote your old crew and if you want a new crew, buy it for your lower tier tank.  Use you Churchill 3 to grind you old crew back to 100% and your new crew up to 100%.  The Chruch 3 is probably the best crew trainer in the game.


2) What equipment do you have in the tank ?  You should have a gun rammer, gun laying drive and vents.


3) Are you playing stock ?  The 100mm gun has a lot more punch than the pew, pew of the 85mm.  Using free XP to upgrade modules is a good idea.  Stock tanks are weak.


4) What crew skills do you have ?  Heavies should have repair for their first skill.  Get your 2nd skill started before you go to the IS.  DON'T put a new crew in the IS, promote your KV85 crew.  Your Church 3 will really help with the crew skills.


5) You now meet tier 8.  Lots of really good players use tier 8 (premiums) to grind credits.  When in tier 8 games play cautiously.  Never lead the charge.  Snipe, go with the pack (at the back) and don't take risks.


Take a look here at the crew and equipment tabs.




Laatikkomafia #8 Posted 09 May 2017 - 10:41 AM


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You give respect to clickers, that's your only problem.

antoine130 #9 Posted 10 May 2017 - 01:56 AM

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20 battles is too small of a sample, i had a 48% WR in my Comet for the first 30 battles, now after 112 battles - 58% WR.

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Sunshinetrooper #10 Posted 10 May 2017 - 11:32 PM


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Jumping to t6 is hard one as their is a significant jump in skilled players and a whole set of new tanks to learn about. It will take time. 

magkiln #11 Posted 17 May 2017 - 02:00 PM

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The KV-85 is a bit awkward to play because of the terrible gun depression, so that may be part of the problem. The T-150 is easier to play.


Also, I think that tier 6 is a sort of turning point in the game.

A) You start to encounter more experienced players (It takes longer to grind, so players spend more time at these tiers and some of the tier 6 tanks are fun to play, so people go back to them, even after they have unlocked higher-tier tanks). This is also reflected in the crews and equipment. Assuming that someone keeps the same crew as they move up through the tiers, tier 6 is approximately the point where they have their first complete skillset, which can make a huge difference. And because they spend more time in a tank, it becomes worthwhile to fully equip it (gun-rammer, etc). (And by now they have the credits for it)

B) Angling and side-scraping starts to become important.

C) You have to be more careful because of longer viewranges and more accurate guns.

D) The focus of the game changes more toward medium and heavy tanks. (At tier 4 and 5 the tank destroyers tend to dominate a lot of the matches)

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