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Arnie Corps is looking for members!

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Tyrhem #1 Posted 13 May 2017 - 11:40 AM


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Hello there cutiepie’s, one of us is in deeeeeeeep trouble!!

One day, my two friends and me came up with the idea and to start a clan, based on the legendary moviestar:

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not a day goes by that we don’t admire his courage, his acting skills, his amazing muscles and his awesome cigars. Arnie is our hero and will lead us into battle all the time (actually quite literally since he’s also on the front of our tank as our logo). His courage and action are exemplary to our style.

Danger is our trade. Nothing hurts us, only pain.

The aim of our clan is to build an international community, that eventually will be playing clanwars. However, the main aim of playing is having fun. We do not claim to be the best players: we will never be. But we just try to have fun and gather people around us that want to have fun too.

It´s no big deal if you have never been into a clan before. Most importantly it’s about sharing our view in building a community based on friendly people, that will eventually fight clanwars. 

What are we looking for.

People that are:
1. Are kind, friendly and preferably a little crazy.
2. Love Arnold Schwarzenegger or any other action movie hero (recommended) .
3. Would like to participate in building a clan.
4. Speak English and are respectful to other players.
5. People that aren’t shy and are willing to talk. We do not want people that are too silent.
6. Being crazy is important, because we are crazy too xD. We prefer people that are kind over people that have stats, because good communication is important, and to be honest: its better to fight WITH than AGAINST crazy people ;).

What we offer:
1. A friendly atmosphere.
2. No pressure from the clanleaders on the players: we will not tell you what to play and how. We will not bully about inactiveness for now. Remember that we will try to make a community!! We all have work, school and studies ;).
3. English speaking members
4. Crazy conversations
5. A lot of fun.
6. When the clan is big enough: clanwars.

For more info, contact Tomah4wk,  Tyrhem or Ebdani

So take your toy back to the carpet (BRING IT BACK), come with us if you want to live, or else… GET TO THE CHOPPAAHHH!!

See you at the party, Richter!!

ps, We use Discord to communicate. Not only for WoT but also other games. new members are free to join us there :)

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