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Absque_Nomine #1 Posted 16 May 2017 - 01:57 AM


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Having begun on WoT PC in 2012, I had to turn to the version Blitz at its release because of my computer. That is why I do not advise you to go to see the statistics of this account on PC, they are execrable, I shall return with the still blank account SineNomine_ of any battle on PC.

On the other hand by looking at many videos I was able to acquire the majority of my current skills, such as the reading of game, knowledge and exploitation of the metagame and the diverse techniques of playing (peek a boo, hulldown, snake dance ...). To put into practice these knowledges on WoT Blitz allowed me to improve me again and to specialize. I was able to become to strateur and deputy in several clans of the EU and NA servers, and I am also an instructor in the AFATAC academy, because I wanted before any share my experience to help the other structures to progress.

Here is the first one account with which I played, that I abandoned for my reroll which now is my main. I was also able to play on WoT Xbox with this account, where I was concentrated on artilleries, absent in WoT Blitz and which were sorely lacking to me.

I am a player specialized in TD and SPG, I also like very much playing the LT and defend myself very well with MT and HT, although they do not get me so much pleasure.

From the obtaining of my computer at the end of May - beginning June, I shall install WoT PC and shall spend the necessary money to obtain quickly the tanks which it will be needed to me to possess. I put a great deal of time reaching this level of gameplay on WoT blitz, I don't want to hand on to it several months before being, let us say, an exploitable player. I return on PC with the will to participate in the CW, the bastions and other tournaments, which became the main reasons of my activity on this game.

Here we are, I think of having said everything, if nevertheless you have questions, do not hesitate I am available here, in private, on WoT blitz (SineNomine_), or by Discord (SineNomine_ [several]#2680).

Thank you in advance for your returns and for the investissment which you will make by recruiting me.

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Firemad32 #2 Posted 17 May 2017 - 07:39 PM


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