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Looking for a Clan :-)

Good Clan

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Muffineer #1 Posted 17 May 2017 - 12:56 PM


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Hello everybody :-)


My name is Erik, am from Austria and I am playing most of the time on my own. Since it is more fun and u are playing better, i am looking for a clan.

However, id like to play strongholds and cw, as soon as i have the needed tanks. Also i would like to get into a decent clan, where i can still learn a lot, especially regarding to the teambattles as mentioned before.


I am a guess decent player, have the AMX 50100, the KV-85, T37, Type 64, PantherM10 an ARL44 and a T-34 .

Am going for the the 50B, and all of the sovjet- meds and heavies. Next ill focus on getting the Object 140 and the IS-3 + 7.

For those who need to see my stats first there u go:



However, to be honest, i guess i have to still learn a lot as far as the heavy gameplay is concerned, mostly where the best positions are for teambattles :-)


Cheers, hope some of u are interested in somebody like me :-)


PS: Am online almost everyday :-)

ruggedfun #2 Posted 17 May 2017 - 12:59 PM


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This is a new clan to the world of World of Tanks. 


A genuine ground floor opportunity to get into a clan and help us shape it and develop it, and perhaps, just perhaps, do something that's the same as all the other clans but just a little bit different. 


We want you to help us build this clan.

You can be a brick, you can be mortar, or you can be the craftsman building with brick and mortar to create something greater than the sum of it's parts. 


We want to be fun and friendly first. We want clan activities that help us in the game, not for their own sake - so it's low pressure, with what we hope is just the right amount of seriousness just when it's needed. 


Occasionally we do this sort of thing. 


We have some requirements. Not many. 


You are a constructive player. (We are constructive players)

You speak English. (We speak English)

You use Discord. (We use Discord)

You are 16+. (We are 16+)

You have a Tier 5 tank. (We have Tier 5 tanks that lead to Tier 6 tanks)

You have about 1000 battles. (We can even talk about this).


Next step - here are your options:


1) Apply to join the clan

2) Send one of us a PM with any question you have - "us" includes the following playernames - Lexrock6, Talalash, Craefter,Smokeykiller, Trooper73 or Prenderb.

3) There is no third option. Of course you're thinking of joining the clan.

4) Use the fourth option to declare your love of Star Wars. Then proceed back to step 1.


The Grind is Never FinishedTM

jricketts1 #3 Posted 17 May 2017 - 04:15 PM

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Hey Erik


I reckon you would like Wild Fire


Feel free to pop on our teamspeak tonight if you are on


And ask for James



A_GIO_Rob #4 Posted 17 May 2017 - 06:20 PM


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Welcome to Bulldogs.


We are a friendly, welcoming, international Clan, always looking to add new members to our ranks.


Although we have some very good players in the Clan, our primary focus is to have fun whilst giving our opponents a good battle.

Player 'Stats' are NOT important, but a willingness to join in and have fun are.


We are active in 'World of Tanks', 'World of Warships' and 'Armored Warfare' and we hold regular 'Stronghold Battles'

at tiers 8 and 10 on most nights during the week, so there will be plenty opportunity for you to battle.



If you speak English, are at least 18 years old, have at least one Tier 10 vehicle and TeamSpeak, we would like to talk to you.


Please drop in for a chat and join us in a battle or two.


Our TeamSpeak details are: P/W bull


Please contact:


A_GIO_Rob  Clan Commander 

sandra1966  Deputy Commander

A1adinsane  Deputy Commander  

Helmetfire  Recruitment Officer

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