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WGL Fan Package - Buyer Beware!

WGL Fan Package WGL inscriptions WGL emblems

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LaManche #1 Posted 19 May 2017 - 09:59 PM

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tl:dr - The WGL Fan Package contains one inscription per nation; you will not be able to use e.g. two of the "The Grand Finals Moscow 2017" inscriptions on two vehicles of the same nation. The package is lacking a clear explanation.


Hey guys!


I have recently purchased the WGL Fan Package partly because I wanted to support the WGL Finals (that was quick to backfire) and partly because I thought it'd look cool on my Soviet vehicles. I was able to apply multiple WGL emblems to multiple Soviet vehicles but I was unable to do the same with inscriptions so I've sent the following ticket to support:




I was asked to clear my res_mods folder etc. as the support was suspecting that it was an issue with my client. The problem persisted so I was told to provide WG with WGCheck report and it was sent off to the specialist team.


After several days I got an answer back saying that it's is not a bug but a feature and it's supposed to be one inscription per nation. That restriction is apparently just for the inscriptions, not the emblems. I was told that the package is lacking a clear explanation and that the explanation will be added. 


I have kindly asked WG to remove the already applied emblems so I can put them on tanks of other nations so they will go along the inscription. The person replied that it's impossible and the inscriptions AND the emblems were intentionally designed this way...?! Designed so I can apply multiple emblems but not the inscriptions? Who the hell came up with that bright idea...


That's all guys, just wanted to give you a little warning if you decide to purchase the WGL Fan Pack as WG still did not put an explanation in the premium shop when you select the Fan Pack.

Jimbodiah #2 Posted 19 May 2017 - 11:31 PM


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"Who the hell came up with that bright idea..""


Dude, this is WG you are talking about. Being vague and deceptive is their trademark.

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