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Opinion on worrying WG policies

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MaNGH #1 Posted 23 May 2017 - 09:10 AM


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Hi I am just one more player in this community and would like to leave an opinion, I dont know if this is the best place and if it is now, mods please indicate me where.


First of all I believe that, there are a few matters that have been very well resolved, with the last patch such as matchmaking, and balancing with light tanks.But it's not all good.

Lately we have had many issues that have appeared or been caused by a change in WG (Wargaming) policy in balance, or game direction.


Premium tanks and competitive play.

The first point that worries me is that, now when you play clan wars (IE: you see setups of 10 defenders, the influence of Scorp G over all other TD's or how Patriot has outclassed T32 and Pershing). This now is really giving advantages to clans that are p2w (paytowin) (they can use tier X crew and the obvious power creep). I believe that before it wasn't a problem because Premium tanks were "nerfed" respect to the regular counterparts, but now it's not and it certainly gives an edge or advantage for those clans who don't have players with a limited budget. It would be interesting if WG limited the use of Premium tanks in competitive gameplay and only allowed regular/elite tanks.


Ranked Battles

I like the idea of ranked battles but not the actual system were the rewards are based on equipment or consumables that can be used in other modes and tiers. Aesthetic rewards would be much more rewarding and fair. It's a game mode we need but I believe they need to work on a different direction rather than rewarding with boosts on tank performance. OR at least if they do, limiting it to ONLY RANKED game mode.


Clan wars at 10pm and low tiers (CW= Clan wars)

Another thing I really want to stress out is how WG has negated the possibility to play Clan wars at 10pm, I really wish you would talk about this. It has significantly affected the spanish community in a way that spanish clans have had to quit global map (I'm sure others have had the same problem). We are currently being ignored and it just feels terrible as it was something that was positive, I still don't understand why something good was taken out. Also I believe that removing tier 6 CW, negates small/new clans of participating, gaining experience and creating a player base.


Armor policy

Finally I believe that WG is making one too many mistakes in regarding to their premium tank power creep and premium rounds policies. It is much more rewarding to demonstrate skill and capability of aiming weak spots than just having to spam GOLD on Type 5/MAUS. It's getting out of hand and i'm feeling let down and the game for me is less appealing.


Thanks and please, take into account some of these ideas. I'm sure many people in this community will share them.

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