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1CEGC (1CED) Is recruiting!

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RemoveArtillery #1 Posted 29 May 2017 - 12:45 PM


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1CEGC (1st Canadian European Gaming Division), or 1CED, is recruiting world of tanks players, but also players from any other games.



  • There is no minimum for statistics in World Of Tanks, everybody is welcome. ***
  • An average play-time of 3-5 times per week
  • You must have your own PC, A microphone/headset is obligated! If you don't have these you will be denied.
  • *** The minimum age is 13 years old
  • Every nationality is allowed here, as long as you speak decent English.
  • We use Discord, so we expect you to be on Discord whenever you are playing games! (Down below for more information)


This community is not only based on World Of Tanks, but 90% of the people do play World Of Tanks, which is good.


What can we offer you?

  • Skirmishes / Clan Battles / Strongholds in World Of Tanks. For this we expect you to have at least one of the following: 1 tier 6 LT/MT/HT/TD, 1 tier 8 LT/MT/HT/TD. Artillery is not used in these battles.
  • Platoons almost all time of the day
  • Motivated leadership
  • Other people you can play other games with than only World Of Tanks (Check bottom for list of other games are played a lot)
  • Freedom in random battles, in random battles you can do whatever you wish to, we are not always a serious community, so feel free to rage in random battles :)
  • Some sort of twisted humour.


What other games are frequently played?

  • Arma III
  • Far Cry 4
  • The Crew
  • World Of Warships
  • War Thunder
  • Armored Warfare
  • Ark Survival Evolved
  • Runescape (Yes, really. L0L)


How do I apply?

  • Send an application at https://eu.wargaming...ource=main-menu
  • Send a personal message to Luvthecoconut, Tkkiller01, The_Seananners, Markeedragon2 on World of Tanks, say you want to join the community and ask for the discord link. You should get a respond within 1-24 hours.
  • Add me on discord, LuvTheCoconut#1768, and ask me for the discord link


We strongly advise you to install Discord on your phone too!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

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