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EXNOM recruiting top guns !

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ChaCha_DaToXiC #1 Posted 30 May 2017 - 11:05 PM


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[EXNOM] - Expect No Mercy




EXNOM is now looking for the top players of the server to join our growing ranks and to build the clan up to the strongest possible level.

What is EXNOM ? EXNOM is an elite team of dedicated and determined players, which decided to form up a new,competitive and fun clan, our main goal is to get among the top of EU clans and have good fights with the best of what EU can offer. If you are skilled and looking for a team, you are welcome in EXNOM no matter how toxic you are, or what your race, sex, beliefs and age is.



The requirements to even be considered in the clan are roughly :

  • Overall WN8 of 2800+
  • Recent WN8 of 3400+
  • Overall Winrate of 60%+
  • 3200+ average damage on most of your tier 10s (3 MoE helps too)


NOTE: If you lack in some requirements, but you are exceptional in others, your application will still be considered



What can you expect from EXNOM ?

  • good clan atmosphere
  • platoons 24/7
  • high activity in SH/CW and Campaigns
  • decent level stronghold and all the benefits that come with it (xp,free xp,credit bonus)
  • fair way of sharing all the goods we win


What does EXNOM expect from you ?

  • ability to speak "Wot" English (communicating with no problems)
  • Good sense of bad humor
  • ability to take criticism and improve
  • high teamplay level 
  • High attendance in SH/CW and other team based battles
  • generally fit in with the players we have… 



If you are interested in joining then please contact one of our recruiters in game.



For all the clan related stuff conctact me.

Diplomacy: chachachinchinchan




Disclaimer: With an exception of a name and logo, we have nothing to do with old EXNOM and neither the one that was fail rebuilt not so long ago.

PS: trolling and toxicity fairly encouraged

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Monster95alpha19 #2 Posted 30 May 2017 - 11:49 PM


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no goldfish, no fun

GuessWhosBack_ #3 Posted 31 May 2017 - 02:05 PM


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Bump! :medal:

ka5zas #4 Posted 31 May 2017 - 08:03 PM


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2800+ WN8 must be reroll right?

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