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Trying to get in to WoT again / Looking for a noob clan.

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SirLord1992 #1 Posted 01 June 2017 - 07:00 PM


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Hello everyone!


I haven't played WoT for quite a while, and I am moving in Tier 4 at the moment. I am trying to get in to the game again. So I thought I try a clan. I have been in quite a few clans before, but it never worked out since I lacked time and did not have tanks they wanted me to have.


So a little about me. I use TS3, I am in my mid twenties and I live in the UK.

I am looking for a clan that welcomes newbies, and low tier people, and involves me in team battles at some point and other activities, but allows me to use whatever tank I want. The clan has to be relaxed and I would really appreciate if you guys would be 21+


If you should be interested, feel free to contact me INGAME. I hardly use this site, so please contact me ingame. It's fine if I am offline, I'll answer as soon as I log in to the game.

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