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New module for some tanks.

new module water swimming

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Wisniaksiadz #1 Posted 04 June 2017 - 01:17 PM


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So. With more and more tanks in game, and increased number of types of tanks I thought, that it could work well, if some tanks, that historically were able, could buy new module, which allow them to swim. For example Sheridan. From what I know, in reality it was able to swim with crazy 5km/h. Similiart thing could work in-game.

Module could work, so your tanks moves with 10% speed.

Improved module could jsut have different speeds.

In water tank couldn't be hit by splash. And to simplify work, being in water could just decrase aim time and dispersion. There aren't many maps, where they could rly use it to the point of breaking game.

That could open a lot of new tanks for WG. Also keep in mind, that they want to add wheel tanks.

What you think about that idea?
Would this be right way to implement amphibias to game?

Would they destroy balance?
<sorry for english>

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