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Multiple monitor issue

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XxMREMANxX #1 Posted 05 June 2017 - 07:14 PM


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Guys I need some help since the January Microsoft update, I like many others have had to run the game in windowed borderless mode. NOW since the creator update etc whenever I play I get sort of a pixling effect to trees and tanks when i drive but when i stop it gets a little better but is still aweful. I have tried removing drivers, reinstalling drivers, changing settings you name it and nothing helps.

 Now I have a Acer laptop with a Nvidia 960M graphics card and a 4k display running a HDMI 24 inch external monitor. Any of you computer tech / geeks know of any way to fix this issue? I have heard about the unplug the 2nd monitor fix but in doing so creates other issues like 4k screen makes everything a bit harder to see due to not only screen size but also resolution, not to mention my laptop would have to sit so far away due to my external gaming mouse and keyboard sitting in front of my laptop.


  Any ideas at all would be appreciated  :)

Baldrickk #2 Posted 05 June 2017 - 08:25 PM

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Sounds like you have the setting that lowers the resolution of the game turned on.

It's called dynamic scaling or something.

It lowers the resolution when under stress to keep the frame rate up.
It only affects the game, not the UI which is why you won't have noticed it at first.


There is an option to stop it doing this dynamically. 

Top right of graphics settings. 

There is a slider and a tick-box to control it. 

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