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Wargaming listen to it's community? Then why Ranked Battles Mod is a wrong designed mod?

Ranked Battles

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The_Lone_Shadow #1 Posted 06 June 2017 - 09:32 PM


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If only a ranked battle mod were designed better everyone will be happy.

You wanna make a ranked battle game by putting 48% WR player with a 50 or 60% player in the same team and that's a ranked battle? 

Do you really thought that will work? Do you really think that a 48% player with a MAUS camping in A1 will help the team and make the team win? I actually fed up with this mod.


Play to get to rank 3 with awesome games then lose all of the points with 3 games in a row just because ( not so good players ) have made it to rank 2 by their MAUSs camping in the back and do nothing and only my "Luck" is to play with them? 


Don't tell me to be in the top 3 players in the losing team, just don't.


Wanna make a good ranked battles for every single player of your player base WG? 

Then use the ingame rating that you actually have for every single player in your database.


Go to service record and you will see a personal rating with a number from 0 to maybe 10000.

Use that number for the match making and congrats now you have a REAL ranked battle mode that suits everyone. It will be good for the unicums, it will be goos for the very good players, it will be good for the good players, it will be good for the average player, and it will be good for the not so good players.


If only you really listen to your community wargaming not only saying that you listen and do what ever you want, but actually listen and do what the community want.

After all if I want to reduce my T62A reload time to under 5 seconds I need a fair chance.


Not put me and the better players with people who just got their first tier X tank and wanna try it for the first time. 


That's alla what I'm asking for.

Sorry for the english if any spell mistake appeared.


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weetniet_ #2 Posted 27 June 2017 - 07:54 PM


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lose the 3 chevrons on losing team it brakes the game every rime 50 - 60 % of team is camping it out, make it so that losing tea, is of all losing the chevron or that losing side doen t lose it. Now it is a great camp fest and even how hard you try to get in front to do dmg/spot because of camping tanks you lose and lose


CaptKhazi #3 Posted 27 June 2017 - 07:56 PM

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It's a Beta - I am sure it will change....

Horcan #4 Posted 27 June 2017 - 08:39 PM

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What WG fail to understand is that most people have a win rate of around 50%. That means they will only yo-yo on some rank ( its nothing more frustrating than going to rank 4 then go back to rank1 just because you end up in team full of idiots ), get frustrated , curse and stop play this fail mode. Something that would only add up ( maybe on a certain number of possible games) would be better, or at least something more spread up like warships with way more often unlosable ranks.

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