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Grind to a ................

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FendaBenda #1 Posted 06 June 2017 - 10:22 PM


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Played for a cpl of years and am no star player, learnt somethings eventually but thats pretty irrelevant
Deciced I had eough a couple of days ago, at least for now. I had a damaged comp that kept me out of the game, came back and felt it was still a grinding game that youcan speed up by paying for premium account, unlimited premium ammo and as many premium tanks as you want while converting free xp with paid for gold and some permanent gold purchased cammo etc; not to leave out buying bundles of credits and pushing up crew skills.


That pretty much somes up what your up against in a free to play game - which IMO no game should be, I have usually contributed. What stopped me this time initially was the computer spec and its damaged hardrive bringing me late into the dame, so i mostly played artty for a while. So first step was to buy a better comp with a better graphics card and put any game spending on hold until I was certain it was really playable.

Since the return, I try to avoid grinding without using free xp - IOW save the grind from stock, but yeah, it's still a sort of grind, but less painfull.

Buying a premium account to speed things up would now be possible but I'm seeing more videos with a massive premium ammo load out to get 3 marks. The recent announcement that declared there are no changes planned for restrictions on ammo load out means this will keep moving on a pay to win basis. Further, I don't want to buy a tier 8 tank to find it in mostly tier ten games - as i often do with the IS3 - where is bias when you need it!


Who  wants to push through the BC12t or the T-34 and make them elite as they require three tanks to unlock before you can properly buff up the crews quicker ????
Who wants to grind through several bad stages along a tech tree to get to a decent or top tier tank - most british tanks.

Ranked battles come along and  this will push the try-hards down even further due to either being, new, noob or just average and un'fortune'ate due to a limited income, ergo, GJ WG on making this decsision easier for me with regrds calling it a day.

I have family members from all walks of life, ages and finacial standings that won't come near WoT due to the insane amount of inbalance and I have to say it's not getting any better.

I'm not bothered about my stats overall - i screwd them ages ago  with YOLO, slacked in WASD control, too much arty, too little prem ammo, too many pooor choices etc - I can live with that. I just can't live with trying to outspend someone. I'm comfortable with paying my share though.

In principal I love the whole concept but it is always askew in some way or other - balance of tanks, balance of players (rank/ability) - platoon of menacing autolaoders or three type 5/Maus - that kind of thing.. skewed MM one way or another.

Wrote off the top of my head so expect some typos and randomness -  GLnHF to those that grind on, and on, and...... Zzzzzz

Homer_J #2 Posted 06 June 2017 - 10:30 PM

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Obligatory post.


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