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WG - Rewarding Stage Awards + In-Game Premium Purchase

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TungstenHitman #1 Posted 09 June 2017 - 08:26 PM


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Just a couple of things I'd like for WG to adjust in the game, as title suggests.


1. In-game premium account purchase


There appears to be no way to purchase a day or weekends worth of a premium account or indeed any duration from the direct use of gold we may have. This is a shame and think it would be a simple and beneficial addition to add an in-game option to do so at the garage screen.


As you can see and probably are aware, we cannot(to the best of my knowledge) purchase a premium account with our gold and without leaving the game mode to the WG site where we must use money to purchase an account.. and as such, I never have. So I would ask WG to add a premium account option at the garage screen where we can use our gold, which we bought with money anyway, to purchase a premium account there and then.

A days premium is only around €1 or 160 gold, it would much more convenient and logical to be able to click an option in the garage, buy a premo account with gold, and not need to go to the WG site and mess about with credit cards etc. There are times when I, and undoubtedly others, have decided to drive on and unlock a tier9 or 10 or whatever and the xp is demanding so would have liked to just pick up a premium for 24hrs simply by clicking an in-game gold option to do so


2. Rewarded for Stage Achievements 

I'm sure this is something WG have forgotten about and were probably to get back to. To be fair to WG, they are pretty generous for a game that's setup to make money, being the business it is obviously. We get so much free stuff it's brilliant, and we even get personal side missions that are rewarded all the way along with each successful completion ending with a free tank and several female crew boasting SiA etc.. Still have Christmas xp Buffs, I got loads of free garage slots and even a free Pilot tank, which I suck at but that's beside the point lol.. 

Thing is though, as I'm sure you all have notice, when it comes to reaching milestones, many of which are significant, we don't so much as get a 25% crew buff or even a repair kit. We get notified...


  ...of these milestones but we don't get anything for them and that's a bit mean really, don't you think? Some are for battles played, battles won, tanks killed, tanks spotted, damage done.. but we never get anything. Now I know you might say you only need play the game long enough to get all these medals but that's kinda the point, you need to be playing this game, and so logically, for reaching these milestones that take a lot of time for some, we, as customers, must be investing a large amount of time and so it makes sense to reward that, like a loyalty card at a cafe etc. 

I'm sure WG will address this once a few members of staff read this post and probably agree it makes sense and something that was overlooked and in regards to the in-game gold purchase of a premo account, that would make money because you gotta have bought the gold at some stage and will probably look to do so again at some point.. if I'm picking up a 24hr premo account with my gold then I will at some point be topping my gold back up when it's convenient and suits me to do so

Do you players agree? Have I missed any other little beneficial things like this? Do expand if there's something I forgot, of which I am sure there are lots!!! Maybe a free tank for 1st classing everything? That would be nice

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