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Feedback on the new ranked battles

ranked battles

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sir_wizington #1 Posted 10 June 2017 - 09:43 AM


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I really like the new ranked battles system, Its nice to have something to work for, the ranks and rewards rather than the endless grind, non rewarding and frustrating random battles.


Things i think need to be addressed:


1. The team size, personally i think 15v15 is too large for two reasons:


The impact even a great player has in a 15vs15 is often too small, if you have a dumb team there is just no way anyone can 1v15. You just cant shoot fast enough to make up for your teams       failings when its 15v15 because there is just to many enemies. 

What i've seen is that most people just play in heavy tanks or heavy TDs, this means that 15-25 players are ALL going to the heavy tank corridor area and there is simply not enough room to be able to fight efficiently, My first battle in ranked was on El Halluf and 28/30 players were in the heavy tank area and it was just stupid there was no room to move and it was horrible. how are 28 players in heavies suppose to fight around one corner???


2. Gold Ammo, OP tanks and RNG


I don't get triggered when people mention gold but i do think there should be a limit of 5 ish rounds UNTIL maybe the day comes where gold ammo has actual downside compared to AP apart from the cost. I think that we have to have gold ammo in the game mode because people will drive type 5 heavies and mauses and when they have no weak spots even to a JPE100 with 300mm pen, gold ammo is neccecary.


If Type 5/ maus are going to be allowed to play in ranked they have to be nerfed, its just stupid, anyone playing them just has a clear advantage because of the OP armour and unbalanced derp guns  


Final point. 25% rng in something competitive is just stupid, competitive is supost to be about player skill but when player skill in aiming is slightly undermined by random numbers... Hmmm not good.


Thanks for reading, this is just my opinions after playing a few hours of it last night.


clixor #2 Posted 10 June 2017 - 09:56 AM

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1. I think most players play meds, with only a few players playing superheavies and yes, the fighting is mostly concetrated (which i like) because it's totally useless to wander of alone, you'll just be overrun. One most maps there is enough room to manouvre, but El Haluf is imo a badly desgined map which forces players to fight the north.


2. Gold ammo, don't blame the mode, it's just a how the game is. In most tanks you still can't pen E5 turret or Maus cheeks with regular shells reliably. And it's not like regular randoms where you get to fire mulitple times and then switch to gold, you don't have the time for that and as every shot counts (especially the first shot) players pre-load gold. I'm sure if you expose your weakspots players are happenly wanting to shoot regular ammo at you :)



Karasu_Hidesuke #3 Posted 10 June 2017 - 10:55 AM


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Just in case if you didn't know (apart from a great number of threads already on ranked battles) there is a feedback thread:



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