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Snatch_The_AmmoRacks #1 Posted 11 June 2017 - 11:49 PM


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So it's close to the end of stage 1. 


I have to say I loved them for the first 2/3 days (even though I still feel as though improved equipment and so on so forth shouldn't really be thing, along with forcing players to use tier x's and draining credits of players {I bet WG is planning on making tier X prem tanks rather than fix economy *cough WG* *cough*}) but after that it turned into a mess. It was mostly strong players at rank 5, seeing as it would be the better players that make it to rank 5 in a short space of time but as a day or 2 past weaker players started catching up and it showed in the ranked battles. In the first few days everyone in teams I was placed communicated from start to finish or at the very least through some part of the battle. players naturally re-positioned and adapted to events in battles. That stopped after the said 2/3 days. Funny enough I started noticing more statistically weaker players at rank 5 in that period. 


How did it go for you people and are any of you looking forward to testing improved equipment.


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