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Possible solution to gold ammo?

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Rion_de_Muerte #1 Posted 13 June 2017 - 11:11 PM


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So I was thinking about it for some time and I think that there is a simple solution for gold ammo. And I think that it is already in the game and only needs implementation. In most of the real tank cannons actual ammunition mostly depends on loadout. And thats what I want to focus on.

Right now there are 3 types of ammunition in WoT - AP, APCR, HE and HEAT. Each one of them has different potential and abilities, and each one of them has its own penetration ranges and specifics that I don't think I need to explain. But now in the game only thing we can do with ammunition and loadout is to select some number of shells of up to 3 types and where exactly we want to position them (like in KV-2 we usually take HE shells on main, first slot and others elsewhere).

Well but what I wanted to propose? How about making players to chose beetween each type of shell for each gun (of course if only historically it was shooting this type of ammo), and make each type of bullets have its representative.

I think that best way is to make each type of bullet even more special. Like AP rounds do standard alpha damage (with rng changes), bit better AP round to chose from would make same damage but would have like 5-15% better penetration and maybe velocity, but for twice the cost. And the best AP would have up to 10-20% better penetration and much better shell velocity but for even bigger price.

And APCR shells, because they are bit smaller than a caliber of a gun they should have like up to 30% less damage, but have much higher shell velocity combined with much higher penetration. And the same story in here - 3 types of shells, cheaper one, less expensive than 2nd level of AP rounds, with mediocore penetration and not as high penetration, like about up to 20% better than standard AP round. And 2nd level of APCR would have similarly better stats than lvl 2 AP shells. Same for 3rd level. But AP rounds should have the advantage of normalisation that would be forbidden for APCR. And aditionally APCR rounds could have penalty for overpenetration, but i dont think its necesairy.

For HEAT ammo I suggest bigger penalty if they hit spaced armor or tracks, but they should do higher (like much higher) module damage, with the same story of pricing and penetration and speed. And initial speed of heat round I think should have been some slower than AP.

With HE ammunition I think that adding some more of types of HE rounds with differing penetration would make some of the tanks more effective, and i think that there should be last one thing about it - for the most expensive shells, they could have a stun mechanics, so it is not only reserved for arty. But stun from non-arty HE would last only up to 4 or 5 seconds on highest tiers, so it would be annoying but not gamebreaking.

And I dont think that there is need for change of arty shells atm.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad language.

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