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WOT Ranked battles - What to learn from WOWs ranked battles


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Fobios #1 Posted 14 June 2017 - 12:43 PM


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I have palyed ranked battles in World of Warships(WOWs) for many seasons and i really enjoy them there. So my hopes were high, when i heard ranked battles come into WOT. Yes both ranked battles consume time  but there's the comparison ends.
  • The limited time window for ranked battles in WOT removes the long queue times but was a bad surprise for me as a player. Short time period meant that some days i had to skip. So don't know whether it is good or bad.
  • In WOT players do not "play to win" they play way to passively. Maybe it's  the fault on standard battle type. In WOWs your every action is possible the one that gives you the win. Capping (in domination mode) one of the caps or killing a enemy puts your team in lead of points forcing the opponents to make a move. Nothing like this in WOT ranked. Instead capping for sure win people yolo to "kill all" ending up being the one killed off or just drive to camp on one side of the map hoping by pure luck the enemy does not go and flank them and instead rush them. Definitely point for WOWs
  • The rewards in WOWs are more generous, don't know much about the awards season leaders will get in WOT ranked, but for just playing the games, the rewards in WOWs are way better.
  • Team line-ups - another point to WOWs as there most of the time you had balanced teams on both sides (equal number of capital ships and destroyers), but in WOT only the number of artilleries are balanced and team with more mediums are usually the one winning the match, i hope WGs statistics show the same trend. And to my surprise even the number of scouts are not balanced thus on open maps a team with one 1 scout to opps 0 has a big advantage - WOT has gone too far with MM freedom to shorten the queues on this matter.
  • Getting chevrons on loosing team (in WOWs top exp player of loosing team does not loose a star) is definitely a right move taken from WOWs. In first season on WOWs there was no reward for doing well in a loosing team so this is definitely needed to shorten the grind to top ranks.

    OVERALL SCORE WOT vs WOWs: 2 - 5.

Jahrakajin #2 Posted 14 June 2017 - 01:29 PM

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Hello and thank you for your contribution however due the high amount of Threads on the topic of Ranked Battles I'd like to ask you to share your feedback in one of the existing ones.






Thanks in advance.





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