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New game mode

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adameitas #1 Posted 16 June 2017 - 06:00 PM

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Hello guys,


Recently i started to think how to fix t8 mm. I think most of you gonna agree it is damaged atm. There are simply too many t10. So in general it is needed to "force" ppl not to play t10. I see 2 options here. Create more t12 matches, but it would be too frustrating for many players. Or create new game mode.


I am thinking about regular (posible to play anytime/anyday) "ranked battles". I see them close to randoms gameplay wise but with posibility for top "x" players on winning side to get "x" of bonds. On loosing side only top player that got 2x (for example) more xp then number "2" would get bonds. There could be unique medals only for this mode (stats wouldnt be counted in overall stats) or even some creds rewards for top perfomance. I think there are many options how to make this mode even more interesting.


one note: i think extra directives and equitment shouldnt be used in randoms on t10 tanks. When i think that stock panther2 could see t10 tank with these extra "things" its just.. step in wrong direction of game balance..


In shorst what would this mode give:

1) even average players would have chance to get bonds regulary (motivation to play this mode and not t oplay randoms);

2) t8 would be able to breath a bit more easy;

3) this mode could serve as somekind of test server. I mean wg could try to balance gold ammo and other stuff here.


what do you think?

Enforcer1975 #2 Posted 16 June 2017 - 06:24 PM

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They just have to give tier 10 tanks more pure tier 10 matches.

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