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Today I had nothing to do ..WOT developers team, click and read!

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ValkyrionX #1 Posted 18 June 2017 - 02:06 PM

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Hi to everyone, as in the past I was scared to write cuttings and threads that are very useful and long. Today I would like to share many comments with you, the post will be long ..be patience .. with the spell that as in the past is read by the developers (I know being in the process of collecting feedback in this period) may be useful to everyone! (When you say you give me a job! :P)

I apologize in advance for my bad english, I hope you appreciate what I write also because I missed a few minutes in doing so and I would like to point out that this thread is a continuous work going on every single idea that I will post it here, good reading




TIER 10 HT Damage Per Minute

Dpm will be the basic ones since for all the same types of equipment, the result does not incredible changes in terms of substantial differences*

*Heavy autoloaders are obviously excluded from this analysis


  • IS4 avarage dmg per minute: 2295
  • E100 avarage dmg per minute with 15cm gun: 2347

          _____________________________with 12.8cm gun: 2306


  • T110E5 avarage dmg per minute: 2907
  • FV215b avarage dmg per minute: 2877
  • Type5 Heavy avarage dmg per minute with 14cm gun:2550

          ____________________________________with 15cm (derp) gun: 3998

  • Pz-Kpfw. VII avarage dmg per minute: 2190
  • Maus avarage dmg per minute: 2555
  • IS7 avarage dmg per minute: 2543
  • 113 avarage dmg per minute: 2754
  • VK 72.0 K avarage dmg per minute: 2347
  • Objekt 260 avarage dmg per minute: 2781



Ranking for basic dpm 


  1. t110e5
  2. fv215b
  3. obj260
  4. 113
  5. maus
  6. type5
  7. is7
  8. e100 and vk72k
  9. is4
  10. pz VII



First part of the standings

I think the result we see are interestings and gives some insight into the analysis, we clearly see 4 tank dominating the rankings from the first to the fourth place, a well-armed t110e5 with a lot of dpm and great armor, fv215 very little armored (except the turret) and lots of dpm and great accuracy, then obj260 and 113 with a nice armor (especially in the turret) and a good dpm 


Central part of the ranking

Maus , type5 , is7 ,e100 and vk72k are in the middle of this ranking and even this I think may be an interesting point of reflection.

In this part of the rankings we see dominating the "super heavy tank" from which I want to exclude is7 for now (and obviously is4 and pzVII that are at the bottom of the rankings)

My observation is the following, i can not understand why maus and type 5 have to have so much dpm, i'll explain it better, a heavily armored tank that it's a maus or a type 5 must definitely be able to inflict dmg like any other tank and that can defend itself due to its peculiarities determined by armor and alpha dmg, but in this case I would like to point out (also taking into account the ranking I have drawn) that especially these two wagons, in my opinion should be better positioned and have as e100 and vk72 an higher alpha damage and a dpm similar or slightly lower or higher)
(Personally I think these two wagons in particular are overbuffed at the present state of the game)

I did not forget the poor is7 .. a buff of this tank was announced .. I think it's better to improve it in some aspects (penetration of the apcr too low as for the standard ap) front armor (the lower part of the triangular shape) easily penetrable even with a 2 tier lower tank, gun handling horrible compared to the other heavy tier 10 and dpm too low..we expect the patch 9.20 to see what will change





Bottom part of the ranking

Is4 and pzVII what to say ... tanks put as much to let them die..

Is4 It definitely needs a lot more dpm and accuracy and removing that stupid weakspot on the turret at the top.. (it is not an is3 what sense has ???)

PzVII .. played only on test server and I must say that I enjoyed it but ultimately I find it a stupid and really easy to pack with those weakspot on the sides at the bottom of the turret, very well armed in front, sin for the dpm ..



I think many wagons must be revised and balanced better with months and months of supertest (maybe open to a limited number of players by nationality?)
The same observation of the various dpms can be found for all tiers from 5 upwards with so many imbalances in performance terms ..penetration/ accuracy / alpha damage / armor/ blow speed etc etc








Personal missions 2.0 , new campaigns and prize tanks




Long ago I wrote a short thread where I proposed a possible completion of the box / access interface for the various missions to win missions tanks

Clearly take the picture as a possible example and not as an idea for me definitive (it could be any wagon instead of t22med*** or stingray bulldog)

The last consideration ... and here I think we all agree to say that the current approach to the missions available to complete (only in randoms...why?!?!) Is totally wrong and with too many interdependencies (rng / maps / allies / opponents / fortune / matchmaking / task completely without a logical sense) 

Rethink them and try to do something more sensible




*** buff this poor tank (reload time/dpm) and introduce it again in the game please.. why you remove this tank?!?! no sense***



more info : http://forum.worldof...l#entry14339862








What do you think of rng? I think it must be removed mainly on the shots with a completely closed aim circle on the opponent tank. What sense has that for this factor certain shots that should be 100% safe in terms of penetration and damage are also bounced from wagons covered with card candies? It makes no sense to see an 1390 amx absorb a shot of a jpe100 .. it makes no sense to see a bc25t ding a shot from a grille .. tell me about your guys





Garage and mod interface to add to the game


Lately I am using the modpack aslain to install and download many interesting mods, here I place some mods image that I think should be available as default in the game








Stun Effect



As far as this effect is supported by direct and indirect spams I think it should be slightly reworked and made a bit more realistic and that the duration of that effect should be standardized for all spgs and that it does not last longer than 10 seconds, tell me yours
I would look good if it was reworked like this (go at 00:55):

Then if you remove all the spgs do a favor for this game :)






RAM consumption and stability of the game




I used to have problems with the game's reliability in the past ... or when I was playing (even tournaments or cws) the game restarted alone or closed without a logical reason, and reading the forum seems to happen again .. it rarely happens to me with no installed mods too


I watched using ram from the game I noticed that started the game, I just have a certain ram consumption, as soon as we start a game this is obviously salt because the game has to load many files, map, wagons etc etc, finished the game ram consumption remains the same and what we were using during the game ... because game does not release the resources it no longer uses?

If my observation is wrong (and I do not think it is wrong) tell me yours






that's all for now ..













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wsatnutter #2 Posted 18 June 2017 - 02:45 PM


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I've read this and disagree with some but not all

AdzTownstrike #3 Posted 18 June 2017 - 02:49 PM

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Since when does the e5 have better dpm that the fv lol. I have 2907 with max equipment etc. Maybe check again

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AvalancheZ257 #4 Posted 18 June 2017 - 03:24 PM


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View PostAdzTownstrike, on 18 June 2017 - 02:49 PM, said:

Since when does the e5 have better dpm that the fv lol. I have 2907 with max equipment etc. Maybe check again


Yeah, stock T110E5 DPM is 2502, not 2907. Big difference 

WindSplitter1 #5 Posted 18 June 2017 - 11:07 PM


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TIER 10 HT Damage Per Minute

  • Partially agree on the Maus/Type 5 having a more "competitive" DPM, although other metrics do apply here


Personal missions 2.0 , new campaigns and prize tanks

  • I'd rather have a Stingray than yet another Soviet Med. The last thing we need is more high tier mediums, but that's just my opinion. Likewise, I agree personal missions need a twist. Win a battle by top of experience in a LT/TD/SPG for 5 battles or something between those lines



  • Disagree. RNG is what makes gold noobs get a taste of their own medicine, either by increasing their use and to get punished by it and that more or less makes armour more relevant (my gamestyle does not rely on it, however. But as stated, personal opinion). Dispersion-wise, adding wind would really introduce a "skill" component (skill is a relative term). HP/penetration wise, I'd rather keep RNG.


Garage and mod interface to add to the game

  • Again, this is situational. I really like the mod where you can plot the shots you received in battle, know how much cr/exp you are earning live from the battle, etc. Having a Tanks.gg in the garage wouldn't be so bad either...


Stun Effect

  • Removing arty would make some players happy, not all. And then there's the refunding issues, personal missions, etc. Not a good start. Stun and splash do need further improvements.


RAM consumption and stability of the game

  • I haven't played for a couple patches so I wouldn't know this.


qpranger #6 Posted 18 June 2017 - 11:30 PM

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Should I like this opening post or not?

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